Thursday, February 11, 2010

The only person who changes my mind is Me

So, When I used to do a blog session, I would often do a Few before I was pleased with one, and the others would never see the world, UNTIL NOW! this one was written on 11th of feb but posted the 8th of february 2011

ho hum ho hum, I was gonna rage about stupid people, but I changed my mind LUCKY HUH?!?? hahaha

So my life motto (secretly, something I have lived by for a long time, I dont know when I started thinking this way) is a phrase found in matthew 7:6, as well as 3 nephi 14:6 and Doctrine and Covenants 41:6, paraphrased "it is not meet that ye should cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them and then turn and rend you" or gore you or somthing to do with a boar spearing you with its tusks and eating your flesh. So in my head at all times is the phrase "..pearls before swine..". maybe this is why I scorn people so much... oops hahaha oh well

SO people have a tendancy to think I am an Extremely shy person, but to tell you the truth I just think they are Swine. HAHAHAHHA I AM JUST KIDDING! I don't share my thoughts because I don't think the person would understand, so I see it as pointless to share. Its a very selfish way of thinking, but I am a very selfish person. It's also a very lazy way of thinking, because i'm sure if I had the patience and .. whats the opposite of lazy? Diligence! patience, diligence and ... love? If I cared enough I would be able to get my meanings across, but I am very impatient and lazy and don't care at All about humans who are a bit on the dim side in my opinion.

In my head you Understand what people are saying, and if you dont you ask a few questions and then you Understand, if only slightly and that is OK; BUT this isnt how most people's (that I have met anyways) brains work, most people hardly ever understand Anything! that I say... HAHAHA I guess thats what it all boils down to: I can do it, WHY can't YOU? once again the selfishness hahaha and inconsiderateness...

ack, my thoughts don't make sense, They make sense to me (obviously, it would be sad if they didnt) but I can never express them very well.... The way I think is very Different, at least I think its different, since no one can understand me hahahahaha then again maybe there is a stupid barrier between my thoughts and my mouth ahahhaah (i dont mean stupid barrier as cursing the barrier, I mean Stupid barrier, like something that makes everything stupid that goes by it... hahaha)

So people think I am shy because I dont talk, But I dont talk because I dont want to explain myself. For some reason people always need things to be explained to them, Why cant their brains move a mile a milisecond?? making leaps and bounds that connect all the dots and lines so that they get the story and dont need to have it explained to them, even though "logically" these leaps and bounds dont make sense? I think its the leaps and bounds that get them, it doesnt make sense to them so they have to repeat themselves. hahaha silly people.

Another reason I don't "talk" is because I am not one of those free flowing talker types that keeps going on even though you never asked them to. If you want information from me you have to ask, Like that frustrating "helper" that tells you there was rope in the backpack after you'd already taken your clothes apart to make one, but I dont think I am that bad, I would have asked why you were ripping your clothes apart and then told you before you became naked.

I am a reserved person. I won't share my thoughts unless I think you would be able to appreciate/understand them. Except family, I Force my thought on them ahahaha poor family.

If I were shy I would be A WHOLE lot more cooler, because I would care what people thought and I would care what I looked like, but I really dont, on either count HAHA

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