Monday, February 15, 2010

but I like me...

I really like me, I like me the way I am. I like my hands, I like my feet, I like my eyes, I like my toes, I like my fingers, I Like my Hair, I like my arms, I like my legs, I like my shoulders, I like my nose, I like my face, I like my back, I like my belly(hahahaha), I like my elbows, I like my ears, I like my skin colour, I like my knees, I like my neck, I like my tan lines, I like my head, I like myself, I like Me, Very Much.

There are things about me that people might consider ugly, unsightly, abnormal, weird, or other negative things, but I don't really care. I like the Body that I was given, such an amazing gift! I think its very sad that peoples ideas of beauty have been so .. warped.

To Me, Beauty is happiness. Someone who is as happy as can be irregardless of their situation, or things that have happened to them, I can't help but see Beautiful. People who are happy from the depths of their souls. Someone who can Really smile, a Real Smile even though they are going through hard times, there is just a brightness to their eyes, and their whole being, something I really envy

To Me, Beauty is Kindness. When I see someone helping a complete stranger, or a complete stranger helping me, I can't help but think that person is Beautiful, Amazingly so. Seeing Kindness always makes my heart happy, especially unnoticed kindness, the sort of deeds that come naturally to some people, but go unnoticed by the world because its become a bit of a sad place where good is bad and bad is good.

To Me, Beauty is not necessarily something you can see with your Eyes, its something you see more with your Heart.
This is Why I don't wear make up. This is Why I don't "take care" of myself. This is Why I don't really, hmmm, "care" about my appearance. I don't want this superficial world to deem me beautiful, I'd rather they thought the opposite.

But that's just me, Eye of the beholder and all.

That's not to say I can't see the Beauty of Beautiful people(or Appreciate it hohoho), but to me its more that they are.. Gorgeous? rather than Beautiful. For someone to be Beautiful, they must have Kindness or happiness, True Kindness or Happiness. Like there are some famous people who I think are .... unbelievably ... fun to look at (HAHAHA). words mean a lot to me, so I try not to use them carelessly, but different words have different meanings to me, I don't really go by what the dictionary says hahaha

In General I don't like to talk about outward appearances, I think its demeaning, The only time I talk about someones looks (example, HOTNESS hahahaha) is if Its a Guy and I am talking more like said guy is an object rather than a person (maybe that's why I think its demeaning, because I only do it in demeaning ways HAHA). Talking about looks makes me feel uncomfortable, I avoid the subject at all costs.

I would rather be known for my personality and accumplishments than my outward appearances, Like Odette in Swan Princess(sort of hahaha she wanted Derek to love her for more than her beauty). And like the guy with the candy cane and peanut butter once said "These are the faces our parents gave us after such painful deliveries, People who say we're this and that based on our looks are just plain mean" hahaha Seungri Fighting!

but i am trying to get fit/healthier. I am trying to be more healthy, in the exercise sort of way, because I am pretty sure its unhealthy to be out of breath so quickly HAHA

excuse me

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