Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chakhan Saram

For some reason I really do not enjoy sleep these days. at night anyways HAHA

During my lifetime I've never really had a dream, any dream. I've had many ideas, and thoughts that I found interesting, but I never really had a dream that inspired me to be awesome, and all that I can be (hahahah). I also never realised this, until recently.

sometime during the first days of this year 2010 I aquired a dream. it was rather exciting, and then became frightening. It was exciting because I realised that I'd never had a dream, and then I had one, and Having a Dream is pretty amazing, You feel like NOthing Can get in your Way! and that it will be a pleasure to accomplish! and its all crazy thoughts. But Then It became frightening because I realised i'd never really had a dream before, how can a body live without a purpose (thats how I see dreams) ?? it also became frightening because I never really accomplish things (hahahaha), and I started to think about how it would feel to fail at this dream.. it would be life ending, no joke, For a Slacker as myself, whos never had a dream, now that I have one I must accomplish it, or life would be really... grey, the world would "lose its colour" to quote my favourite Manga (kekeke).

I was watching the olympics yesterday, they are a fun bunch, arent they?? hahaha I was watching the speed skating, and Korea is Freakin Awesome at that! apparently the best male speed skater in the world was one of the korean olympians. the mens 1500 m. was intense! when they were down to the final lap, going round the last bend, THREE KOREANS were in Front!! Two were skating really closely, and the third came up and slid in between the two as they went round the bend. one lost his footing and two fell, IT WAS SUCH A TRAGEDY!!! THEY NEARLY SWEEPED IT! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO EPIC!! if they hadnt fallen and had actually been able to take Gold Silver and Bronze, Gosh that would have been flipppin Awesome! but the two fell, So they only got gold. SO SAD! not really, but it was exciting! and then mega disapointing... for some reason I am rooting for Korea.. HAHAHA I am an Odd Duck.

Well! tooloo for now, im off to....

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MiriamR said...

I watched those yesterday, the dutch have a great fan base!