Saturday, January 3, 2009


LOL that's a real word, and its pronounced frig-uh-RIFF-ik LOL it meaning is "causing cold : chilling" Let me show you and Example of the usage of the word: Jamie shivered as she faced the frigorific blast of wind blowing off the lake. HAHAHAHAHHAH that is too funny, I love my subscription to merriamwebster word of the day.

So THis is the NEw YEAr, DunDUN (death Cab for Cutie )

I was... Going to.... Do something./... But I..... cant..... remember .... what that.... was,,,..... CURSES! oh well. Time for sleepy time, Got church in the afternoons YEASH! finally after two years, of 8 am then 9 am WE FINALLY HAVE THE 1 AM!!! I mean pm HAHAHAH OHHHH that's right. I was going to tell about how Awesome Twilight is. I have seen Twilight FOUR TIMES now and every time is Super awesome. BUT there are some things i didn't like about the twilights, Like The part where she is in Her Underwears, SERIOUSLY, who sleeps in their underwear in a cold place? IDIOTas MUCH???? I sleep in a tupenu and a shirt, in the BUGGER HOT AUSland, WHEre The Nights are Hotter than your stupid "hot" summer days; is it so nice to sleep in less than that in the cold wet chilly frosty frosted windows, border of canada, frigorific nights?(sure they have heating, but WHAT A HEY) Not to mention the icy hot vampire that is all up in your grill (HAHAHAHAH) and of course by grill I refer to vicinity of your room/ face, who is literally emanating coldness, that is only accentuated by the cold airs. There was ONE more thing I didn't like, but that's escaped from my memory. I HEarteD A LOT of things, but my FAvourite would be Her Dying Memories and the...... .. .. .. .. .. .. . ..... BASEBALL!!! THat was so awesome it was beyond words how awesome it was drool droooool drooool Jasper and Emmett BOOYah. I thought Twilight(the movie) was Super awesome, for a movie that is. A friend from work who loved the movie, and is reading the books now, thinks they should have done it mini series styles, so they can get a heaps in more. I was in agreement with her, that would be super awesome, if only they did that, BUT I am so torn with the Idea, Cuz I heart all that is twilight YA!!! okay well I better get to sleep now,. layta PLaya LOL



meleofa said...

me too! i mean, i loved the baseball too! i hate baseball in general, but i loved it in twilight. heheheeheheheeheheheeheeeeeeeee.

Maliana said...

bahah frigorific melanie you really are a good writer did you know that?

anyways yeah it was weird how they didn't emphasize that at all, i mean he's a frigorific vampire like you said, so she's should be freezing anyways peace!