Saturday, September 12, 2009

he was like, My best friend

So, I have a playlist, I really like it. It's my random listenings/takes me back, Henry said its depresso, and as i listened to it I Realized it was depresso! hahahaah my bad, but (possibly unfortunately) that just Me, thats how I Roooollllll (thats right, all that butter). I got really self conscious about it so I went and edited it, so what you Are or Are Not listening to is my attempt at keying down (is that the saying? hohoho) the deppresso HaHaHaHa good times Ey.

We went to the Shaws house for dinner today, The shaws are the coolest older people I ever did meet in my life! they have grown up kids and lots of grand kids so their house is kitted out to cater. Their downstairs is a friggin awesome playroom/den type thing so its got in one room a pool table and a wii stuffs with a fridge and bar type area (for sodas you naughty people) and the other room has the computer and movie system thing. It's great. 

We've been over twice, but this last time the Mrs' were down in Utah so it was us dad and bro shaw, he's so funny and cool. We were all playing pool it  was intense, Lete was too tired to play so Henry and Bro Shaw were on a Team and I was the handicap cuz dad was too good if you catch my meaning HAHAHA 

Its sooooooo strange, Lete and Henry have a tendency to be good at the same/similar things; But I am no good at whatever they do so I often just watch;  then again whatever I do they tend to not get, I don't mind this setup at all its just sometimes it gets lonely being the only rhythmless (I was playing rayman: raving rabbits on the wii and I found out I am totally lost with the rhythm games, I was quite shocked because I never knew there was anything wrong with my sense of rhythm, but it does explain a Lot hahaha) unco one... sad do's But Like I said, I dont mind, its enjoyable to watch/listen; I'm sure on day I'll... fit in... hahaha  Or not, its always been my dream to go Hermit in some strange mountains where no one goes and live there peaceably by myself, I Kid thee not, When I was younger, like all through my younger adolescence I dreamed of living up on a mountain with a shot gun and lots of furs in a log cabin with a garden and a stream... Yeah that is weird, that explains a lot too HAHAH

oh wellllllll, For some reason my wiring isnt quite like all the rest, I know lots of people say that, but those people are stupid faces who grew up in the same place all their life so they had a solid continuous "boring" upbringing with their imaginary friends and life long "my grand mammy knew your grand pappy" and stupid imaginations about the world being Something other than what it is... I mean... Maybe I am just like them ingrates? hahaha well, you live and you hopefully learn, That is a bitterness that I need to overcome.   Maybe there is nothing different about me, and I just ostracize myself, thats something I ponder often, but somehow I just cant get along with the other kids, I dont like them ~! heheehhahaha Well now this is much more up beat then I intended haha


MiriamR said...

I am wired differently too, I wonder if Lete and Henry are just wired more similarly than the rest of us. We are all pretty different although we get along quite well. Im sick so whatever.

meleofa said...

I listen to depresso things sometimes too. It's usually when I am depresso, but don't realize. I like music that encourages some sort of mood, if you catch my drift. Anger, happiness, sadness. Emotions.

I am a hermit, somewhat. hahaha. I pretty much stay in my house a lot. Other's come to visit, but I am at home a lot.

Excellent posts.