Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dugalegur LOL Ima Boy!

today I woke up at a late time and stayed upstairs because Dad was home (hehe) because unfortunately for him he is getting to be an old man, and so much full of aches and pains. Anywho I stayed upstairs reading the book "the secret life of bees",

(as a side note, I dont much like it; its about a girl with an abusive father in the 50's or so, in the south, so its full of derogatory terms and racism. Dont get me wrong, I know there is racism in this world, and I am not one of those peole in denial that try to avoid mentions of it at all cost, but I dont see the point in harping pointlessly on about it, thats like saying "there is a war going on so lets make lots of movies and everything with killing and exploding and bloody guts and death and gore everywhere" But the truth is, there is too much of that going on in real life, so why go on about it in the fantasy world where you can make it however you please, a bit of a sick mind if you ask me. anywho, I've not finished the book yet, so it might still be good, but for the moment, it seems like a bloody boring nucance. I think my biggest problem is the depiction of the abusive father, We only see from this girls point of view and she doesnt think he deserves anything but rotting in Hell, Which I Hate, I hate how people have no ... compassion, they do not allow for understanding, or forgiveness. I absolutley Abhor the idea that people look at things and see the behaviour and label things into Abusive no good fella and what not. There is always a reason why people are the way they are, and people often don't want to know because to know would mean to accept that these are human beings, and so they deserve understanding and compassion, and so forgiveness. I just dont think any of us, irregardless of whats been done to us, has any right to judge another human being; We don't have the compassion or understanding to do so, so we shouldnt, none of us. I really hate this book)

when dad called me down to ask me to drive him to his works office (thats how injured he is, he's thrown out his back or something, so he cant drive, and I had to help him get up, poor dear) so i did that and when we got back I started to make Bread! ahaha Yeah! go Me! and also planning dinner, but then I always murder bread when i knead it so I got Henry to finish making it HahahaHa but yeah, I will make the dinner! hahahah but i just felt like i was productive today. I also drove lete to seminary, bloody nora its cold in the morning, poor lete! anywho, So I am off to start dinner, and then I will maybe do some writing, I have a very important and big project that i am working on, it'll be great. Today vampire diaries is starting so I will be watching that HEEya hahah I'm really interested in that show, I wonder if it will be any good

TOOLOOO for nooooo


MiriamR said...

I can't make bread. I too ruin it during kneading, maybe I should take a class. I don't want to read the secret life of bees. I just finished reading the graphic novel of Jane Eyre because I started Jane Eyre the regular and wanted to find the end before I get throught the whole book. I am not sure if I will like it. Seems a bit Scary Scary, but maybe that was just the comic. Have you read it?

MoBo said...

The books ok, Interesting. A bit on the depresso side, but Its alright. A book I wouldnt mind reading, if I were deppressed hahahah its a bit twisted, but I hear thats the bronte style so ya hahahaha

Is the graphoc novel fun? more fun than the book? hahaha