Monday, September 7, 2009

Twilighters are stupid, I mean lacking in IQ, no, more like Brain power, or capacity, Maybe they are Just Ninnies?!? well, all of the former

GOSH ALL THESE STUPID TWILIGHT FANS, sure you can love twilight (I do.. Or Did, I dont know If I CAn anymore?!?? I need to read the books again huahaha) but COME ON!

I think they're lines of Reality have blurred with fantasy and fiction, Holey Crackers! Delusional Freaks, Why can't they let people BE?~?!?!?!?

Unfortunatley (for my sanity), I was looking at some fan movie site thing and Gosh those people are spastic. I can see where the Edward/Bella, Oops! I meant Robert Pattinson/Kirsten Stewart rumours came from hehehe. See what I did there? I just did a spastic Twilight fan mistake (no need for concern, I was merely ACTING as a spastic twilight fan, I don't get twilight lines of reality blurred, my reality blurring is much more imaginative and fun). They dont see that the people playing, or acting, in the movie Are indeed PEOPLE and not ficticious Characters from a story or movie, and to imply that they are is to insult them by saying they have no talent as an actor, because that wouldnt be acting, that would be BEing.

Poor Twilight actors, they have Hordes of spastic fans, but not as actors, they are REALLY the twilight characters to them, Freakish wierdies, no they are too dumb to be called wierdies, weirdies are Great!

So yeah, All I saw all over this site was "oooo Jacob lautner! Robert Cullen! Alice! Bella ! !!" (some of these unfortunate performers dont even get their real names in the delusion) And let me tell you, You can't defend this by saying "people just pretend on the internet!!" the only people pretending on the internet are Peadofiles, and they're catchers (FBI and the like). If anything the internet is where People become the most "Real"; they let their minds go and all their inhibitions and what not, They let their Real thoughts be heard because they think no one will ever KNow!

But I know who you are... LETE!!! HAHAHAHAHAH just kidding, letes not a spaz like those .. unmentionables. So anyways, I hate those pretensious psychotic twilight fans who ruin twilight by getting all twilight fans labeled as spazdoe's, as well as just ruining it all in themselves;

To me it is like someone talking about how delicious your favourite food is while doing the most Vile Disgusting thing that you have ever seen or heard (I dont say what the vile thing is because we all have our own viles, Like mine would probably be killing an animal and then skinning and cleaning it and what not while making me watch for some inhumane reason; I faint when being forced to witness such things, cool Huh? I thought so, it was totally cool hahah I had to sit down or fall over hahahah it was Great! anywho.. back to the point).

I feel like I am being one of those lamers from when I was younger that were all "Punker then thou" but I don't really care, if you havent noticed I Don't care at allllllllllllll what people think about my thoughts and self, well Certain peoples opinions matter to me because I trust them not to be stupid and insipid, I trust their brains. I won't mention names, cuz they might be ashamed of my hating huahahah but some how, I dont mind; and I respect (a form of love) them so much that I wouldn't want to taint their names without permission ahhahah

And so, my twilight fans Rant is Ended

DID YOU HEAR?!?!?!?!? THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW MOON STUFFS AT BURGER KING, AND BURGER KING IS GOING TO BE IN THE MOVIE TOO!!!! WAAAAAh Two of the best things!!! I am going to get it ALLLL but I dont know if they have Burger king here, I know its a ludacris Idea, but its very probable. And another thing, The Aus Dollar is 8 cents off the Canadian one, I dont know if the Aus dollar is getting suprisingly good, or if the Canadian is in the Crapper hahaha but its good for ME!!!! wuahahah

last thought, I have been spurd to be a nanny Hmmm, I say spurd because the tax Madur Might Na i mer hahaha shhh dont tell! I am waiting for a working holiday permit. If I nanny for this lady I will move up north to stay with her, and the farther north you go the colder it gets HAHA I need to get me some winter clothes, it feels as though water could freeze at night NOW, so I shudder to think.. Good point: I COULD SEE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! oh how I've missed them. I hope they look more like Iceland than Alaska, I dont like the alaskan ones, they are strange



MiriamR said...

DOn't you get the northern lights where you are? I know they ge tthem in Wisconsin sometimes and thats lower than you guys. Yeah some old people are just as nutty as those twighlighters and attack soap stars on the street for being murderers and whores It makes me laugh that some people have no line between reality and tv.

meleofa said...

Okay, crazy thing: We were talking about people being unable to separate reality and fiction today! It was our lunch topic of conversation! Unmentionables is an excellent way to describe them. hehehehehe. Okay. I am excited for you! The northern lights are uber cool. I miss them.

MoBo said...

LoL I dont know, I think they do but its not a sure thing, the farther north you get the more likely you will see them hahaha

Hera said...

When did hyou see the NL in Alaska haha. If you have a warm house internet, food and such it is ok.