Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is one bottle of Dr Pepper a Day bad for you? a 2Ltr one?

So, I was gonna write something insightful and inspirational, but Then lete poured Dr. Pepper Down my Pants, that was thoroughly discombobulating.

Anywho I found this entertaining thing that was a psycho thingy magingy <<<<Click iiiitttttt

it's great!!!!!! totally funn!! click it before you read ONN!!

With the Q thing, I got the self centred one, and the next one my pointer is like a cm longer, and the last one was my left thumb woohooo great fun

the site i set it to is the UK one, so just make it quirkology.com its great

without further ado

1 comment:

meleofa said...

hahahaha! Very discombobulating, indeed! I had the same on all counts! I am a self centered, testosterone filled, and right brained. hahahaha.