Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Special People

Tricked Ya!

hahaha just kidding, I have no idea if I tricked you or not... Anyways, This might be slightly incoherent (when is my writing Not So? huaha) as I am currently inebriated from a night of no sleep, and sometimes when that happens I really do not feel like going to sleep even though I am tired, because ITs like no way dude, so I Usually just shower then go about the day and crash at some point or Other HAHaHa YeaSH!

GOsh! quite destracting me! (yes, I did indeed mean to say Quite, and not quit, it was not at all a slip of the Brain)

So, today I was thinking about Special People. With all the moving, and what not, that we've done There are certain people that stay with you, in your mind, even though perhaps you don't conversate with them any more, or you lost contact (for obvious reasons, the internet wasn't always around, and tele chats across the sea still arent Cheap HMmm) anywho, I just felt like making a list of all the people who stuck in my brain that were Special to me, I bring them out every now and again and it usualy makes me sad because they are not there anymore (physically anywho, which is ..)

So I'll do it chronologically, and that is the only order (eg aetl'a setja eitthvad stjarna vid su sem eru ekki eins spes, thu'ist hahaha)

one more note on my list, I never count family when I talk about People, because I think my family are better than that, sjalfsogd so to speay (goes without saying) and also these people were in the shape/place of Best friend therefore the ones my mem'ry clung to, the ones that stayed in my heart

Little Polynesian boy who was in my class (we had Ramen with Ice, and jumped on the trampoline together, those were some good times), sadly I cant remember his name
and the girl who was his friend

Thats just about it, A lifetime of people right there. the farther back I reach the less they remember, I am but a Memory to these. C'est la vie

trundling along

by the by if you cant tell, I absolutley L.O.V.E. (Like overly very Eh-much (the - is for helping to understand the pronunciation, mine that is)) exploding dog!!! its just so awesome, I could look at it allllll day!

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meleofa said...

I love exploding dog too! but only because you have shown it to me! I squealed when I saw it. I love it so so so much. It makes my chest ache with happiness! who knew?!?!