Thursday, September 3, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this picture made me laugh a Whole Lot, Makes me think BunDeh! hahahahahah ah ahahahha I just felt the need to share, its from some chicks blog, and then the whole "Let's Go Trick-Or-Treating in Forks, Washington" HAHaHAHA who Says That!??!


For the past few howeverlongwe'vebeeninthishouse I've been trying to sort out all my stuff, and its a lot, let me tell you hahaha and I love it All! And so with this in mind, I also think that there is a perfect Place for eveything, and that I just have to think hard so that I can figure out where that is.

The room layoutage of the house at the moment is This: Henry has a room, Mum and Dad are in the library/study (a big room), lete has a room(the other big room), and I sleep where ever(usualy in Spare Oom thats currently full of empty boxes and other moving stuffs) while my stuff lives in Lete's room; and then I decided not to go to Olds, that changed the siduashun.
So Mamma's plans are thus: Mum and Dad will move into the packing stuffs room, Henry stays where he is, The Lyberry/study gets to be a lyberry/study and I stay in Lete's room. The funniest thing about this whole siduashun is Lete's reaction to the news, She was slightly outraged (HAHAHAH) and I was thoroughly shocked (by her Reaction). I was shocked because she has the biggest room, but is the YOUNGEST, meaning she has not lived long enough to EXPECT such privilege. To be fair I am old and should move out of the house. (BESIDES I am a WONDERFUL .... roommate! hahaha, ok so I can pretend, but its not like... ok I;ll just stop now HAHa)

ANYways, So the sorting business, Its really hard because I don't know Where to put stuff, I have Idea's but I need to think Harder to solve the idea's! lol I've sorted my books and DvD's and am about to sort my shoes; My clothes are Nearly sorted, my trinkets are becoming sorted as everything else gets sorted, but while things are still in Sorting its a bit messy. SORRY lete!! hahaha but it will get there one day!

My shoes were really aggravating me because I've got two average sized moving boxes full of shoes and they just spew and squash and go Everywhere! then as I passed the shoe/entry room I saw the filing cabinet in there, and I thought Perfect!!! so I asked mamma if I could have one of the drawers and she said Yesh! so I'm psyched about that, but I need to alter the space to make a shelf in it so that I can Use the space to maximum .. usage.. or potential, Whatevs. I'm so excited! because its the size of a File so my boots will fit in there too woopie, woopie so great.
so with all this spare time and boredom I've had recently, I've been concocting many little plans in my head. It's great, some of them are Quite Grand, but highly acheivable. A lot of it is writing, and some of it is sorting, and some of it is reading, and some of it is Helping lete with her movies, and some of it is traveling. Laying plans and foundations, its great. The creative stuff is real fun, makes me happyyyyy makes me feel fiiiiine. Anyway, do any of you write? if so lemme know, I have a request muahahah

I'm not going to give any details right now because I took all of your advice and now I write down my plans in little notebooks, which is also great because I have HEAPS of notebooks/pads that I never knew quite what to do with, so I use them as my plans and ideas holders! woohoooo

so yeah THE END

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MiriamR said...

I wish I was there to help you sort. I LOVE SORTING. Organizing is the best thing in the Universe. I like to sort my closet once a month. Oh the joy! Bubba likes it now too we clean up his toys together.
Sorry I don't write at all. I cute out pictures and stick them thats about it. I do collect note pads and empty books though (did we get that from mum?) So I can fill them with fun things like money saving tips, cleaning tips, daily spendings etc. I started a new at home job and I LOVES it! You should show us what your sorting looks like with a picture especially the file cabinet shoe holder. I need ideas for shoe holding. I don't have many right now but they just sit on the floor in my closet. Did I tell you I got another bookshelf. Its full now and no books are in boxes (thats a lifetime goal for me) I still have Maliana's gifts here. Crap, I am going to send them for Christmas.

Love you,

Hope you feel fine with your tiny bubbles.