Monday, May 23, 2011


This is one of my FAVOURITE Korean words! hahaha its the Greatest!

This has become my new favourite dance! every time i hear the chorus I cant help but explode with.. explosions..

SOOOO I am in Calgary. I took a week off of life, (I know thats not possible for grown up mature proper way in life people, but that aint me, so I did it huahuahua) without telling anyone, so maybe there were some misunderstandings, as they like to say in dramas haha. Anyways, my little over a week holiday wasnt all slackery, I signed papers and applied for passports. I went to Vancouver! twice in one Week!! hahaha that place is one of my favourites! its such a great looking place, I'm going to go there for Real some time!

Anywhos. The other day I woke up, and my first recollections of the day were a Korean Drama that I have never been able to stomach/watch, since it was all about crying people. Its a drama that MAMMA WATCHED!! HAHAHA with Mele'Ofa! Anyways, I woke up and thought of the opening scene of that drama, the lonely man sitting at a piano on the beach talking about blabla.

seeing as I own a miracle that is the human brain, my mind quickly went through all the scenes of the drama (that I had seen), and continued on to the end that Mele'Ofa so kindly shared with me so that I could know what happened without watching it haha, anywhos, It was a horrible beginning to a day! the drama ends the way it begins, the man sitting alone playing the piano.

the thing he was bla blaing was his life story, so hes sitting there telling us (the viewers) his life story(bla bla bla fell in love with a childhood friend who became his step sister because his father died and her mother died, and so their parents decided to get married, because his mom was rich, and her dad was i dun really know.. drama drama drama can't be together, she is with someone else, she becomes terminally ill and their parents get divorced, for her last days they pretend to be happy.. I dont know how much of this is accurate since I havent watched it haha).

It ends with him saying something like "Now its her turn to wait for me, since I waited all my life for her (she was mean and selfish), now she has to wait all the rest of mine(and so apparently was he..)" (the drama is called Stairway to Heaven for those interested..)

anyways, this all happened in a matter of seconds because thats how awesome the human brain is. After the whole thing flashed through my mind i was like 시러! (bahahah thats another favourite ahhaha) It totally freaked me out, I dont know why, I was like "THATS HORRIBLE!!! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT TO EACH OTHER!?!???" so i got up determined to not be miserable popos like them and I ran into letes room and was like "WAKE UP! LETS BE HAPPY!" it was earlier than she normally wakes up for school.. so i grabbed the laptop and ran out kekeke

So I am here for a few months (minimum!). I'm going to try be as useful as possible! and hopefully I'll figure out what I want to do. I may be getting old for a young person who doesnt know what they want to do/be, but i dont care, I decided that the other day, whatever I do, Its gonna be awesome! and I will absolutely do it! regardless of how much older i may be than all the other people hahaha Life is Great! we shouldnt care about what other people think of us, as long as we are truly Happy! (meaning righteously so!)

I took some pictures in Germany, but they are still in Germany hahaha I took some pictures in Vancouver, but they are still in Calgary ahahaha

one last korean word! 멋있어! kekeke


MiriamR said...

what does that word mean? why are your pictures in Germany. I am glad you are having adventures. I love that your ran into Lete's room and said Lets be Happy. Totally cool. My kids say "mamma be happy" and they are only small.

meleofa said...

Dude, I gave a terrible synopsis, but that is a super sad dorama for sure. a bit depressing. But you know what is NOT depressing? this post! I love it! I too think it's more than awesome that you went into Lete's room and said Let's be happy! awesome.

Maliana said...

woohooo!! thats the greatest thing ever! im thinking of doing that too! but eyþór might be a sleepy grumpus! ill let you know how it goes hahahahha

MoBo said...

hahaha Oh Já! The title of the post means CUUUTTEE!!!! and is sorta pronounced kyopta~! a quiet p! and the next one is pronounces SHIRLO!!! and means I DONT WANNA!/No! and the last one means Awesome!! or general Super Greatness! and is pronounces Moshiso!(ish) its what the fox says in my girlfriend is a Gumiho(nine tailed fox)! hahahah Great!

Let me Know the outcome of Everything you ever try that I suggested! hahaha