Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still being harassed by a Mozzy!

oh oh oh, I was gonna add this to the previous post, but it was getting too long (this is really long haha)

today I went to malianas german class with her (I only went to the second half, because the teacher thought it would be too boring to go the whole time haha) and it was great fun. after some chatting about how to use before in German the teacher asked me to sit in front of the class and talk about myself in Icelandic, so they could here the great language. So I'm like Góðan Daginn! ég heiti melanie toutai og er í heimsókn til systir.. yeah you get it, and then the teacher was like, What are your hobbies? Interests? Dreams? hahahaha I was like.. uhm.. hehe but I said I want to study! and I want to go to South Korea one day! hahahahah

Now, in malianas class there just so happens to be a Korean lady! her name is Jung Ae. Jung Ae asked me where I wanted to go and I said EVERYWHERE!!! then she asked who my favourite singer was and I said Big Bang (after some shy "I dont want to"'s), the german teacher than asked (according to maliana, I was speaking Icelandic and maliana was translating for the class into german, and the class was asking me questions in german which maliana translated into Icelandic.. uhh...) who that was and if they were good looking, and Jung Ae said they were a boy band and not so much HAHAHA!! that makes me happy, because I am a selfish devil hahaha ohmy.

Jung Ae then asked if I liked shinee, and I was like.. so-so. hahaha (Ajumma fans galore lete! hahaha) what a great day! oh but then jung ae passed two 1000 won notes for the class to see, and then she said I could HAVE THEM!!! WOW!!! SO AMAZING!!! i was so happy hahaha

anyways, the weather is great, and im off to bed. Toodloo!

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MiriamR said...

ha ha awesome. Maliana must be pretty talented with her translating back and forth! What a linguist! SO glad you are traveling Melanie!