Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Today is mothers day! the sun is shining and its very nice outside! i got a rose at church in Maliana and Eyþórs ward haha coool beans.

i had a sunday nap, it was great!

I went on facebook to look at stuff and saw this, I like it very much. it made me very happy!

I love it very much! its so great and wonderful! its inspiring.

Something I got from this video is that in life we need to share, we have to speak, say what is going on happy or sad, good or bad, and give people the opportunity to sympathize, to understand. We cant just live in our heads and expect everyone else to understand. Sadly enough thats how i have been living my life all this time. I just dont trust people enough to tell them how i feel, thats something else I got from this video, we need to also listen. We need to share, but to listen in turn. If you want to love somebody you should listen to the things they have to say, who knows how long they have been holding on to their grief or pain, we need to have open hearts and hands, ready for people to trust us with their lives.

Like it says in Mosiah 18:8-9

Thats one of my favourite Scriptures! but scriptures are like colours for me, I like them all!! depending on how i feel or the day, this one more than that one! I like them alll, all the time! hahaha

and so I say to my mamma and all my lovely sister and all the mothers and potential mothers, Happy mothers day! you do the best work in this whole world.

Make sure you watch this video! its shockingly wonderful! it makes me happy.


MiriamR said...

wow that was pretty amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that Melanie.

Hera said...

Thank you Melanie