Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I can't wait, for tomorrow

Im being terrorized by a mosquito!


Thats the Eurovision song for Iceland"!!! I love it much! at first I thought it was a jolly one that was fun, but now I think its SUPA AWESOME!!! because I keep listening to it hehe

But anyways, its a great song I think. Its got a bit of a sad story though, the guy who created it, and was going to perform it, died a few days before the Iceland tryouts (when people try to win the spot to represent Iceland in the competition), so a bunch of his musical friends (they are all music people who all icelanders know, and are talented i guess, I dont really know) decided that they would perform the song in his stead, and that he would have wanted it that way.

Iceland chose that song and so it went to eurovision! but anyways, he wrote the song and its such a lovely song, but really sad considering the lyrics and what happened. He had four children with his wife and was only 36. The performing group named themselves sjonni's friends, the guy who died was sjonni brink, or sigurjón brink, Sad story. But Iceland placed! so they will be singing on saturday. such a lovely song.

I hope Iceland wins!!! wahoo! that would be Great!!! cuz its a great song!