Saturday, May 14, 2011

No One can be replaced by another person. that is why farewells are always difficult..

WAAHH!! as per usual, I didnt sleep last night... this morning... whenever you would like to call it! hahaha wild potatoes! because, I am about to begin an other leg of my journey, the one from germanland to canadia.

so I havent been able to sit and concentrate on thinking yet, but my flight is 7:30 sunday morning, and i arrive around the same time in Vancouver (8 or so hours maybe?), and then I take a very long bus ride to calgary. I get an Extra long sunday this week hahaha, but its ok! I downloaded and burned the whole of last conference, along with a couple extra talks to fill in the space. hehe its gonna be AWEOSME

One day I am gonna try that form of travel where you rest before you begin a long journey. Until then!

One of my Favouritestest!

사랑해 Tabbi!

oh yeah, i have been exploding my brains with korean stuff, like music and dramas and movies, I found a great new song! through lete, its Miss A's Love alone!

I watched a movie called secret reunion, SO AWESOME! I have been wanting to see that movie ever since I heard it was coming out. Its a great movie! and really helps one understand that the "bad guys" arent always bad.

I finished cinderella's sister with maliana! and then we started watching boys before flowers haha great stuff. I also started watching the drama hana yori dango, thats japanese, its soo... interesting, its closer to the manga, but its some wild acting haha.

OH! I finished my princess, that was pretty ok! Lasterday I started watching Secret Garden, I LOVE IT! the main guy is a complete nut job, reminds me of someone..

haha anyways, enough of my korean ramblings. ONE MORE THING! Eyþór has a bunch of koreans in a bunch of his classes, and he told one of them about me and she was like "I would like to meet her!" or something, and so I went with maliana to Eyþórs organ concert (which was SUPER AWESOME, I enjoyed it immensely!) and then after she came up to me and was like "are you... me...." and I was like YEAH! MELANIE!! haha it was so awesome, Koreans are my favourite! we chatted about here and there and everywhere.

But then Jung Ae (malianas german class) gave maliana a burned music CD to give to me! SO AWESOME!! I Love koreans! I havent met an unpleasant Korean! Ever! haha I am so fortunate in my life, I really am, I get to do super awesome things, even though I dont really do super awesome things to deserve super awesome things. and so the repetition of insane tiredness begins, and thus i bid adieu

Love ForeVer!
Melanie in Leipzig

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MiriamR said...

good luck on your journey!