Thursday, May 5, 2011


just looks differently like that...

wuuahh! so im in germany, left iceland about a week and nearly two ago... haha i am not very good with the keeping track of things and remembering stuff, if i remember correctly, thats my fault, because I dont care enough about things to remember them. I should be more concerned with what is going on around me! Thats what i recall from my short psychology times haha i like learning stuff, but i dont like how schools and people think they can assess how much I have learned just by telling me to recite what they think is good enough. poo poo poo on you!

So I know i have got issues, (who doesnt, only fools who think they dont) but I have major problems with people thinking they have the right to judge me. I am just a fool, but I can be a crazy fool all on my own, in my own ignorant world.. I think... haha maybe i am just a failure and this is my way of being in denial about it.

Anyways, this is silly and majorly off topic. I just wanted to share one of my new favourite things! its in korean, with bits of english. Its sung by a fellow i think is very lovely, he is called Daesung! in korean, his foreigner name is D-lite (hahaha they all make me giggle! foreigner names that is), but it is a delight to listen to him sing i think. He is a member of a group called Big Bang, I love them very much! they are my favourite all time forever! Daesung is my nearly favourite member! he is tied with TOP. I think they are both very handsome (most people think daesung is ugly, but i think they are just ugly! hehe joke.. but fo reos ;P ugly souls NAH JOKes oi, this is a bit...)

anyways... i justed thought i should post something in may before it disappeared and i lost my chance to do so, but i dont know if i care much about that anymore.. hmmm.

im watching a short drama (16 episodes i think?) called my princess. its funny so far. I know how its supposed to end (apparently all k-dramas are predictable, but i am always in denial about that and never sure if it WILL end the way it looks like it should/will hehe) But I Dont Know!!! hehe i am a simple being with simple pleasures.

life is grand.

Listen to the song! its probably totally lame and what the heck like to you, but i love it very much. it makes me a sort of happy sad. its probably really weird, but i love it, and things i love i feel the need to share!

I think..

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meleofa said...

TOP is very handsome, for sure. :) I like this song too. Hope the Germany is awesome!! Take pics, and post them, pretty please. And thank you.