Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I make things awkward... Intentionally!

muahahahaha ó !

hahaha let me tell you an interesting story

wow this is interesting hahaha I am using the keyboard commands! kaka its fun!

Back to me story! AHH the COmmands are going crazy wild! please stop!!

so yeah, I had a wold encounter with the police of iceland the other day... UGH I have said it sot often that i am like sick of it. But I can tell it once more ekekakak

So anyways. Monday I was like at the YSA Family Home Evening and then I was like "laters Yo!" and I walked out the door on me way to my abode, and it was all nice and what not because Iceland is a lovely place that has great scenery, I'd say the best in the World!! but I am Icelandic, so maybe that a bit biased.

Anywhos, the sun was setting and the weather was too nice to miss, so I decided to go for a göngutúr!! where ever my feet would take me! and it was fun, I walked all through the neighbourhood of the chapel, in the general direction of the ocean, and it was all like going all osrts of wild ways and I was like "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME LEGS?"??"?!?Ð"?"

anywhos, I finally hit the ocean, and walked around in it because I had stolen (with permission) some wellies!!(gumboots, wellingtons, stígvél, rubber boots... some other stuffs?)

so i was on an adventure! there were many many seagulls, and they were like ugh, ugh ugh ugh ugh! crazy, like they were wanting to attack me all the time and i was like "eww go away!" and would walk in another direction, are they very Territorial isnt nesting time over or something?? thats just WILD.

so anyways, not knowing why the gulls were so freakin crazy I followed one, going on the assumption that the gulls were protecting mysterious nests at this mysterious time of year, and so were leading me Away from the nests. So I followed a couple and they led me out of the Hraun! hmmm I often wonder if english speakers have it wrong, and that lava is the word for Hraun, and magma is the word for lava..

so I continue my walk all th eway through the hafnarfjörður beach lines. I see some mysterious cars and people, and try to quickly pass them, I also see some awesome fisherman shacks that are totally cool and worth visiting in the day time!

So I end up sitting on a rock wall that they have here in Hafnarfjörður to warn people that there is ocean beyond. I am sitting there enjoying the ocean (to be fair it was like 1 in the morning, but this is Iceland, and I have been out at 3 in the morning before..) listening to the ocean and the occasional car go by, but i here the one car go by a few times, it had a different sound ya?

so after a few drives by they slow down and stop and say "er ekki allt í lagi?" it sounded like a male, and I was like UAH! SCARY AR FULL OF MALES LATE AT NIGHT!!! soI replied ".." turning slightly to help them hear.

I decide its time to Go home, so I start ta walking, im only about 20 minutes from abode. As I walk I see a cop car drive by, and as they drive by they shine a really bright light in my face, the kind taxi (and i guess cop) cars have to see the street numbers. So I'm like DUDE, what tha hang! but I continue on my walk and as I cross through a tiny parking lot I hear a car pull into the parking lot, I am like DUDE! what is with my luck? so I start walking out of the middle of the parking lot so i am not in the way when this cop cr comes up behind me and then parks in front of me and im like Dude, what a rude idiot faces?

then the cop lady says really fast in Icelandic "mind having a seat in the car?" I couldnt decipher her words the first two times she said it, but then the third time she actually slowed her speech and spoke properly. My replies will be in [these]

So Im like "..sure..." and i get in and they say "Good Evening, you can speak Icelandic? [yes, well, its ok] we received a call from some concerned girls in a car, they said they were concerned about a solitary female who was unresponsive by the ocean, they stopped and asked if everything was ok and she didnt reply [Oh, really? thats weird..] so we came to check it out. What were you doing there? [just sitting, thinking, i went for a walk] Are you depressed or stressed, or having a hard time? [uhm.. no, not really.. I was just watching the ocean and thinking..] Do you have any sort of Identification [uhm, i only have an Australian drivers licence] That will do. *takes licence and puts it on his little notepad* Where were you headed just now? [I was just on my way home, its just down there a little] Can we offer you a ride home? [..sure..] Whats the address? [address] Ah yes, ok. *car starts to move towards destination male officer starts taking down my licence information, i wanted very much to ask what he was doing, but I do not feel comfortable enough to ask* Do you live alone? with Family? [uhm.. no, I Live with my friend] I see. How long have you been in Iceland? [I was living here for about a year last year, and only came back a month or two ago] WOW your Icelandic is really good [oh, I lived here when i was younger], oh I was gonna say, you must be some sort of genius to speak such good Icelandic within a year. Do you have a phone number to be contacted at [uhm, yes, but i never remember any] thats ok, a home phone, mobile phone, whatever you remember [...uhm... let me look in my phone {SINCE I SAID I DONT REMEMBER THEM} its *phone dies* {UAH!} uhm... 774.. numbers numbers *I hope its right* numbers] So thats numbers numbers bla bla. {yep..} you're Icelandic is very good. *arriving at destination* Can i see your dwelling licence? {I'm Icelandic.} OH, Your an Icelandic citizen, ok good night than {good night, and thank you for the ride..} Of course of course! Icelandic pleasantries."

and so ended my weird encounter with Icelandic Police..

I personally felt that he was too aggressive in his manner, if they really were just checking if someone were ok, I personally think they should have been less uh, I cant think of a good word for it, they werent rude, but they werent polite either. I felt like he was insinuating all sorts of things the whole time! but that might just be the defencive racist in me

Anywhos, that was a really odd experience, and makes me want to not go for walks, just so I can avoid th hassle. But I did get some good Ideas on how to deal with this should it ever happen again

such as the chorus dance of this song. OH YA!


Hera said...

well. It´s good to know Icelandic police are not putting you in hand cuff like in the USA. The police has perhaps been told to be on the look out for women that seem to be alone. Too many women have been abused by human traffickers.
At least they took you home. Put it down to interesting experiences in life.

MiriamR said...

Dude whatever you were not breaking the law. Sounds like they thought you were suicidal! Sounds like they were weirdos! Why would they need to take your license down? Weird thing is if you were drunk they would have left you alone cause its ICleand! This sounds suspicious to me I bet they were being judmental against you. Oh and I think they probably were not trying to be rude. From what I remember Icelanders arent warm and fuzzy usually cold and stony in their speech. and police are usually extra cold and stony!! :)