Saturday, August 27, 2011


So I have a friend who is good at blogs, looking and writing, and she follows certain blogs about things she likes, and that is something that never really appealed to me, because I think its a bit boring a lot of the time.

BUT I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND! she showed me this one blog, and I was like "ooooooo" but it wasnt really my sort of thing. BUT I love cooking! so I thought, I am sure there are people out there who are super good at the cooking thing, cooking, baking, kitchening, all that sort of stuff. So I have decided that I want to go and find blogs that are awesome about cooking! it will be awesome! and I will become a genius cook baker chef type! it will be great, I am excited.

So I found this cake, I really like the idea, but after seeing how it was done I felt a little vonsvikin hahaha because it wasnt as magical and awesome skill as I had first thought. hehe but one day I will try it, it'll be great! mmm i love not chocolate cakes! I prefer the denser kind, I don't like the light fluffy kinds of cakes, too non substantial for me. Anyways, toodles for noodles! be sure to share any awesome blogs about cooking that you know of! unless you want to keep them a secret. hehe

Love from Pennsylvania!

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MiriamR said...

that cake is AWESOME! Um I don't follow many cooking blogs just one that is about crockpot cooking. She did a different meal everyday for a YEAR! in the crock pot. I haven't tried any though I love following blogs! I follow mostly home decor diy stuff but I used to follow this one that was modest fashionable or something like that :)