Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am a crazy for the crazy

... So I am leaving Iceland in a week, and its like. YEA. all my stiff fit in my bag and it was a proper weight, but on Saturday we are having an activity called Pirates vs. Ninjas! and we are going to be playing a game called the cave game, sounds cool but i have never played it before. Anyways, so i needed some dark clothes that could be ruined, so I decided to go to Salvo's (salvation army) and grab a bag full of junk for wearing. there are two that are near by, and so we went to one, because they have awesomer stuff, but I had gone to another one the other day and they were having this deal where you can buy a bag of stuff for 2000 kr. So we wanted to check the cool one out to see if they had the same deal. To my delight, They had a TWO FOR ONE!!!! two bags of stuff for 2000 kr.! I was like WWAAA!!! but they didnt have as much awesome stuff as they did the last time i went there. but they still had some cool stuff. So I ended up getting one bag for me and one bag for another, we went halfsies! so i payed 1000 kr for a bag. I got four pairs of shoes, two dresses, and... uhm.... YEAH! oh, clothes for saturday. I am majorly chuffed about it though kekeke

but now I have to throw old stuff away. OK toodles for nau!


MiriamR said...

oh my gosh that is sooo cool! Just wear all the clothes haha

Hera said...

Yeah that is a great deal. Icelanders have too many clothes. So they give them to the Salvo's and they can not get rid of them since the island is not big enough for all those clothes. Then people visit and get great deals.