Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iceland has a place in my heart. UNFORTUNATE!

haha people are really terrible at trying to be less than obvious. huhu

So people tend to associate me with cooking and baking, im not entirely certain why... but anyways, so When I am in Iceland my home is (I can live wherever my heart is, which at the moment is where my family is! but sylvía is a special case, she is like family for me, don't worry, we will one day get some sort of connection to make it official hahaha) Sylvía's house!

so a few days before I left Mr. H (a friends blog references all people with letters! I think that is so fun, so I will do something similar keke) said "make me some food! for the last time!" something along those lines, so I was like "ok, but not now, some time later, BUT YOU MAKE ME A CAKE!" and he was like "do you suffer from a death wish?" and I was like "always!"

so then Ms. S jumped in and was like "what kind of cakes do you like??" and I was like " I don't like cake" and she said "... What would you have at your funeral than?? or uhm.. your last meal.. or uhm.." Where I cut her off and said "I LOVE BLUBERRY MUFFINS! AND RICE CRISPY TREATS!!! AND WAFFLES!!!!" and then I pranced around dreaming of those things, because I LOVE them!!

Anyways a day later when i got home Miss. S was like "UH *Not very smooth* LETS GO DOWNSTAIRS!" so im like ok hahaha than Mr. H comes down some times later and they are both just chatting with me, its not unusual, I juct have ultra sensitive spidey senses, and Miss. S is really not very good at sneakery.

Anyways, the next day after institute we have WAFFLES!!! (they do it once a month in Iceland hehe) and im like " I want me some WAFFLES!!" but then people are like "*not very good at, but doing our best to distract* HEY LETS GO LISTEN TO MR. M PLAY GUITAR!" so I'm like "*roll eyes*OKAY!" cuz he is super at that, its great to listen to him play! but then i became tired of the children trying to stall me so I jumped out the window of the Ætfræði room keke but then i felt bad and jumped back in and they let me go to the waffles.


they had made blueberry muffins, waffles, and choco/normal Rice Crispie treats! it was Great!! super super super! I was so pleased! they are the greatest! my favourites for sure (to an outsider being my favourite isnt very special or cool since i have lots and lots and lots of favourites, but to my favourites and people who know me, Its a Super Super Super!!! because I am awesome. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuh)

and the next day I left.

I am conflicted! Iceland always makes me conflicted. I go there and hate life and be miserable but its so Beautiful, and smells nice, and the people are wonderful in their own ways!! Iceland could have me if it wanted me, but I don't think it does, i think it just enjoys my company, and that simply isn't good enough.

Icelanders want me to live in Iceland, but the only way I would do that is if I were to marry a fluent speaking Icelander (has to be fluent in english as well), I am not willing to live there with a husband who also speaks broken Icelandic.

If I were to live in Iceland, I would live in Hveragerði, its so quiet and the neighbourhood is fun, the Gudnassons live there! they are a lovely closetomyhouse sort of neighbours!

Anyways, then I flew away and I dont think I will ever go back again, Maybe on my global trip of dragging my husband around to all the places i've lived, but otherwise I'm not gonna be going back, if i do it'll be to live. So I am really contradicting myself all the time, but I think I am really good at that.

Well... I will leave it at that hahaha


MiriamR said...

I can understand you. The last time I flew into Iceland it was a clear day and a miracle but it was soooo amazing to look out the window, I could see the coasts and I could see way down into the ocean and it took my breath away. And just being close to the cold ocean and the lava and the green everywhere. Its really magical. Hard to live there but it really makes you feel like you are living in this magical place while you live there. Daniel and I want to go visit but we are conflicted about it being perfect and the right circumstances and all that stuff. I think we will serve a mission there though because you get to choose!

Hera said...

Haha. I need you to come with me Melanie when I go for the family looking trip. The world is a big beautiful place.