Thursday, August 4, 2011

I can't be your crutch anymore, I have to be my own.

I've got my heavy heart to hold me down. Once it falls apart my heads in the clouds!

hahaha I really love the newest Panic at the Disco album! i think its called Virtues and vices or sumsing?

So on monday I had the interesting encounter with the police, That was actually an answer to a prayer, because I didnt want to walk home, so the police gave me a ride! hahahahah I am so fortunate!

Back to my story! So on monday, my future went BLANK! New Moon styles, bella swan hanging out with the shape-shifters styles, but its ok, its good to start with a Blank piece of paper! I think that is what my problem has been all along, I always had too many distracting scribbles on my Paper, but now It is blank and I feel much better.

I'm making new plans and new starts, its great!

Iceland has an amazing smell that I never noticed before, but i noticed it on my walk on monday, It a very lovely smell, that might only be smelled at night and in the Hraun.

OH MY GOSH, monday night i totally saw some Hidden people!

I was walking along the beach when I saw this white dog run from the water to the rock wall that i would later sit on, it seemed to sit there next to this blanket looking thing where i assumed its owner was sitting. Not wanting to bother other people(especially if they are homeless and trying to rest) I walked a little further and then made my way to sit on the wall. I sat there for a while watching the people out of the corner of my eye. I finally decided to leave, but I wanted to see the dog closer so I nonchalantly skipped, hopped and walked along the rock wall to the place where the dog had run. When I got to the place I couldnt see any person or dog so I moved closer to the edge thinking they were REALLy close to the wall so I might have to look straight down. I stood on the edge, but still couldnt see anything so I lost my nonchalance and gripped the wall and bent down on my knees to find the dog. There was no one there, only some white rocks. I was totally awesomed out!

I am one hundred percent certain i caught some Icelandic hidden people having fun times, and so they turned themselves into rocks like the white witch so I wouldnt catch them more.

Iceland you are Great, you have given me soo much, but I think it is time we part ways for a while, if not a lifetime.

once again! So long, and Thanks for all the Fish.

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