Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skating and Sinning no Doubt

HAHAH I just watched this boring as movie from the who know when, about this crazy woman who was like Scarlett o hara, she twisted and manipulated everyone around her to get what she wanted, and then finaly found something she really did want, and he SHOT HER! unwittingly of course, he thought she was a highway robberman, Fascinating awesome idea, but it was PAINFUL to watch, because I hate people like that, who manipuate everything possible for no reason at all aside from selfish pooheadness.

The movie was called The Wicked Lady, it was really good and well done and epic and awesome, but as I said I hated the main character. good ending though, AMAZING cinematogaraphy, specialy for those days, I was totaly wowed.

I cant rmemeber why imd come to this... I wanted to say something, but its gone now. Well that movie was HugeO MuchO quotable crazy, like the heading of this post, hahaha it was this crazy priest guy who was always talking about everyone being a sinner and he was blessed to be able to help as many as would listen. He was talking about a woman that went to london to get away from the crazy woman and was commenting on the weather, I will paraphrase

Ay, the weather in London is cold indeed. Why the river themes is frozen over.
this was alll said in a cheery voice then the crazy lady says
Why Yes! people must be skating on it!
and he replys
Yes, Skating and Sinning No Doubt
Woman in a mockingly solemn voice because she is a faker
sinning and skating

HAHAHAH ok you had to be there to fully appreciate the hilarity, SKATING AND SINNING! hahahahahahhahahahahaha ahhahahaha it was very funny.

Today I went to the city with the Henry, Lete and Toni, and I made them take pictures. They are very reluctant to take pictures when its for not stupid, its SO WEIRD! i hate taking pictures ER TIME, but when there is a purpose I don mind.

Here is a One I liked, I did not choose the ball, the lete and Henry chose that. I was like WHAt a Gay thing to choose for your centre Ok I will do another post with the pictures HAHA q:


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meleofa said...

I think I would have hated that lady too. I HATED, that's right, I HATED Gone With the Wind. That movie is a crap movie.

But you guys look like you are all happy. The pic is fun. :)