Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daniel is just So wrong, its Unbeliveabubble (blog To Daniel)

SHOCK HORROR! I cant believe Daniel didn't like the Twilights.

Daniel can eat pooop. HAHA just kidding, But I do not agree with you at all Mr. Reeves, Stephenie Meyer writes correctly, and not confusingly, or at least... Well she writes in a first person perspective, so its basically thought process that she is writing, and thought processes are often confusing when they are not your own, but that's the farthest the confusion goes, If you can grasp the mindset of a teenage girl, then your all set, if not(I think this is where you fall in Daniel) then it is confusing and blablabla. So Daniel, Since you thought (maybe Miriam was inaccurate in this comment) it was "great storyline and ideas" You liked the movie?

Now, its been a while since I read my Twilights(I only just got them back from my friend who is reading them!) but I absolutely love Stephenie Meyers writing style; I think That I love it because I like to write from my perspective(its just so Fun!) and Her books are the first I have ever come upon that were written in such a way. Shut a door (HAHA, I just said I love ... it... (or something along those lines) in French!) Also, Her Characters are Quite Solid, and aren't wispy waspy like

Read it People, That's Right, AtTard (mahahah don't tell anyone, I can go to jail because it not my car mahahahah)

I Cannot Agree with You Mr. Daniel, I think Twilight was extremely well writ, exactly well writ, its not meant to be a "super brainy awesome kill the inferior brains who cant handle the super smart intellectual language that not even smart people understand", It's meant to be a "Super awesome conquer the world and own you" book, Which I think it has done Quite successfully. Now I cant Argue when I don't understand my opponents exact standpoint, I've actually heard quite a bit(not A Whole lot, but I have heard before that people are all "I'm quite baffled as to Why This Meyer Woman is so popular with her texts on "vegetarian" Vampires" in those exact words, so I recon they are just intellectual snobs that don't want the world to read, and like to be superior in something since they fail at all else, so If this Meyer woman gets everyone reading, Then They will have no one to mock with their foolish stupidity and boorish Idiocy(ok so my Quote was made up, not like it ain't true, and I dearly hope no one misconstrues my yammer into thinking that I think Daniel is one of these intellectual morons)

But anyways, I Really would like to understand where these people are coming from that say " OMGooodness WTFiddlesticks is the commotion with the Twilights? those books suck arse and are so unbelievably badly written its like WTFiddlesticks, and the story isn't even that great either" because I must say I Heartily disagree, from a "I read books and can understand the English language" perspective its Quite good for what it is. Quite a Talented Lady, Then Again, She has only written the Twilight Saga and The Host, Which are both written the same way, First Person Perspective. But in the Host she does write the prologue differently, and that was... I think ... (Another book that's lent out at the moment, so I cant look to for accurateness. I'm a regular Library! hahah I wish, but don't wish, because I am possessive of things that are precious to me, and OCD about it too haha) Well Done. But YEs, I want passages and Realness, not babbling boobery. Everything I've seen so far is usually quite vague in their very detailed hating,(detail of how much they loath and despise and cant understand rather than the Actually "Faults" with the grammar and Englishes) that's just not good enough. I could give you HEAps and LOads of passages and quotations that befoul Eragon(notice how I am trying to shove in as many smarty(to me anyhoos HaHa Ha) words as I can, I like to do, its supa Fun!) Not Well Done Mr. Editor, AH, the Editor is the one to blame! Not the Publisher or Mr. Paolini, well everyone involved is at fault, you cant blame the one person! ok so its four am and I forgot to sleep, so I will go now, Come Daniel, Explain yourself! or is it just something that is and can't really be explained? I will accept this

Nighty Morning!


This is a Picture Lete took with my phone(only 2 mega pixel) that one silly awesome time we didn't sleep, at the beach, and watched the sun come up then Lete and Henry went to sleep as soon as we got home at one pm ish (and the slept on the 45 min drive home TOO) and didn't wake up till about noon the next day

This is Dad at Uta(Tongan word for Bush/possibly farm and anything in that vague general direction) he was taking the gear box out of this one car to put it in mine, cuz mine is shot (too many drifting Eh?? HAHA I wish) and he got sidetracked(as always when there is plants/land to be attended to) while we came to speaking with him, he couldn't sit and chat, he had to "cut the lawn away from the broken path" and chat with us hahaha gotta love my daddy's

This is Henry Preparing for Can ada-ski, this was one of the hotter days of summer

As I passed the store This bag JUMPED AT ME! and I Went to investigate, and there WEre SIX PUPPIES INSIDE! hahahah just lying! the colours jumped at me, and upon investigation I was sorely let down, So I took a picture from this inspirational bag, because I thought I saw something but it wasn't, so now I will go through my life searching for what I saw until I find it

The End

These pictures were all from my phone, Just Felt like Sharing. Gottta love my Epic Tales of Valour(HAHA YE) and the commemorative pictures we take'd for them


MiriamR said...

Melanie it is a good story as far as love stories go ( I am not the biggest fan of love stories) but it was not written as well as other books I have read, too many idioms and catch phrases also it dorve me crazy the way she puts every other word in italics to emphasize it. it was ridiculous. it reminded me of the sienfield episode where Elaine puts exclamation points after every sentence. The writing did get better as the books progressed though. Also I hated the ending very Anticlimatic and I am a Jacob fan Mostly because I am a realist.

MiriamR said...

That comment was from Daniel

MiriamR said...

I didn't really like the moving acting was ok but they all walked around like they were constipated there had to be a better way to show their frustrations. once again this is Daniel

Maliana said...

bahah dano choo crazy! yes you shall be dano. this blog entry was amazing! me matti and karitas tried to stay up all night at fest i nord but they couldn't handle it and started hallucinating so there you go

oh and i saw Dil Chahta Hai it was real-real good have you seen that one? kind of a wierd endinhg

MoBo said...

LOL no I haven't seen that one, I nearly did in England, but Me and my friend did something else instead, CURSE HER AND HER WANT TO BEAUTIFY hahahahaha, It has Amir Kahn, he plays wierdies all of the lot of a time.

I didnt really like the ending either Dano, VERY anti climactic, I would have prefered a "hamlet" ending, as she calls it HAHAHA DIEDIEDIE!!!

and Maliana, Er TIme