Thursday, January 29, 2009


MAMMA IS PRESSURING ME TO BLOG ABOUT RBVALE! haha thats what I call it now(in my head of course, this is the first time I have been able to see my dreams in the print) muahahaha its da Kanksta Names Ey?!

So everyone is always mocking/making frequent comments about my Blogging ways; They all act like I live to blog and Am always going on about my blog, BLOODY! no way, You lie bum faces! I can admit that I do Blog possibly frequently, But I DONT LIVE TO BLOG, AND I DO NOT BLOG ABOUT MY YUMMY SAMICHES (I didnt have any yummy samiches, I was just trying to put an appropriate emphasis on my point, but I think I failed because I......... Oh, because a Yummy Samich can be quite a fascinating yum yum with lots of excitment! wuahaha) or my... I cant think of anything that wouldn't/coulnd't be exciting! maybe that is tHEIR point? HAHAHAH Oh WEll I like to do waht I want and when I want and whatevs bro.

So Yesterday At work, I got hit in the face with a Chicken, it was painful, painfully Hilarious (Muahahahah).

When the chicken hit my face I went "WoA" like shocked and then turned to the culprit about to give them a what for, cuz I thought it was one of my friend done it on purpose, but saw this chick whos nice and she Was like "HOLY MOLY(I am using my liberies with the wordings)I'M SORRY! ARE YOU OK OH MYGOSH" and I was just like "Yeah no worries, all good!" Laughing a bit because of shock and the hilarity of the situation. One thing For Sure, I know how to appreciate the moment, irregardless of whether its me as the poor sod with the chicken in the face or someone else(if I saw someone get a chicken in the face(as is often the case) I would Burst into Laughter that was uncontrollable HAHAHA! YA! to funny!) So I finish retrieveing some more stuffing(thats what I was doing when I crossed paths with the flying Chicken) and came back, the chicka Said some more sorry's and are you okays and I was like "Sure Sure! yeah all good". As is the case with me, I often burst out laughing at this, that or the other, because Lots of things are just too funny (even now I laugh at the chicken Face HAHAHAHAHA ITS TOO FUNNY) And so I started to laugh because, oh my gosh I cannot put enough emphasis on the chicken in the face, and She said "don't Laugh! its not funny!" and I was thinking, aww she cares! what a pleasant person! so I stopped laughing and she asked "does it hurt?" and rather than lie and Say "nah, didnt even feel it" I said Little bit (using my fingers to indicate how much) and she said "Little Bit" with the fingers and an expression of remorse. Bless her Heart (as the English Say... I think?? maybe I just made that up... HAHA oh wait, its on sons of Provo, sweet spirit HAHAHA) I started at my work again, laughing as I go, Then as I feel My Face(literally feel my face, not touch it, but can feel the laughter move through it) I stop laughing and think "AWE CRAP!!! MY FACE!" wondering if it would bruise and stuff, that would have been awesome, I would have made up a super cool story about how I saved a baby in a run-a-way carriage and the horse stomped me or something, YEah.

What brought this chicken in face story on is that I can still feel my face. I didnt realise, til but a moment ago. I touched my face just under my right eye (cheek bone area) and felt a bruisish feeling, you know, Tender? then I asked mamma if she could see or feel anything, she said no to see but then as soon as she touched it she said Yea, AHHHH I hope it goes away soon. Serious to who, It felt like a girl punching me, I was like AHHH THats Unpleasant! note to self, Incapacitate any body's intending harm to my body's, so I dont get that punch in My Face! Fo Reos!

WEll Nighteo's for nows, It late and I am planning on running/powerwalkingbecausehecantrunbecauseofhisspinabifuda With henry in a few ticks of the tocking clock, Layta's! I have sucha busy day tomorrow! aw crepe


meleofa said...

I appreciated the moment i read the chicken in the face thing. so hilarious was my first reaction, and i laughed myself because the visual is just too awesome, but then I was like, Oh my goodness, that must have hurt soooooooo much! It sounds like it was painful as. And, you know how you said "bless her heart"? well, Dustin's grandparents say that all the time! hahahha. how funny. and you guys are so healthy, exercising all the time :) well done. i lub your blogs. :)

Maliana said...

blahahaha good times... chicken carcass in the face! your whole idea about incapacitating the bodies is quite pointless cuz guess what, some one bigger will just throw the incapacitated body at you :P (example nice girl-chicken) good times

Hera said...

We need to laugh at these things. Otherwise we will be grownup crybabies.
I wish I had a photo of everytime I had a shiner or black eye. I used to run into things all the time as a kid and also get into fights for some reason. I lookedlike a boxer after a knockout hehe. Perhaps that is why I am not scared of stopping people hitting others.

MiriamR said...

ha ha ha chicken in the face I will laugh at that For weeks. I can just imagine, la dee da la dee da I am working and then BAMNMM a chicken. Strange but funny.
Oh and you don't need a cooler story that story is pretty cool for the bruise. Just say the chicken started flying from a machine malfunction and wacked you in th eface. That is what I imagined when I first started reading anyway.