Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How The H are you Even supposd to say that?!?!? So Maliana, you should continue reading these books, they get superbly better, but not until about the end of Eldest. After that its like a Real Author! So I'm really digging this series, its Awesome, reached its potentail, late but better than never. I'm off to work now, super awesome! but first I am going to subway with henry to get lunch breakfast.
Something I have always known, and cant remember not know, lifes not fair, Why do I know that? why cant I remember otherwise? I do recall whining thats not fair and then tantrumming, I cant remember what for, and it would be Awesome if that happened the once only ( I know I threw lots of tantrums when I was younger HAHA I really do) Why Can't life be fair? fair does't mean easy, but the injustice all the time is just tiring. Well I just bit the inside of my cheek as I was chewing my apple, and It pains me, and every juicy chew is putting owies in my bite mark Anywho




meleofa said...

The way is say Brisingr is bree-sing-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Life isn't fair, but it is odd to me that you don't remember a time when you thought otherwise. I don't ever specifically remember finding that out, but when I was a wee one, I am sure I thought the whole world was a good and wholesome place at one point or another.

Biting your mouth hurts like a mother, doesn't it? I am sorry you bit your cheek. I love all the posts. yay for you. :)

meleofa said...

Sorry, up above i meant to say the way I say it is blerdy blerdy blerdy...etc.

Hera said...

Yeah, Melanie's tantrums can be quite the doozies. When she was younger she would throw herself on the floor kick, cry and spin around on her back. Now she is loud and goes through the house like a tornado. Reminds me of her aunt Perla when she was younger. Melanie does not have many of those hehe.
Melanie is a lovely person :)