Saturday, January 31, 2009


So tHere was an Outing to be had, by myself and three others (namely Toni poni, Henry Benry, Lete .... potato). I drove us to the city and we spent a few hours there admiring the long walking distance from southbank to the city. I had pictures taken because mamma always talks about our pictures being dumb(my translation, HAHA but true that yo, EN! I only recently started the dumb pictures! lete and henry are tastey(I cant remember the word I am intending to use, i think its similar to savoury, or something, maybe something to do with pallet or flavour? me brain tired) veterans) I try to take pictures and what for, but No one ever wants to be in my pictures, and when they do agree, they tell me to hurry up and so it sucks by being blurry or something retard as such. I am wanting to invest in a super awesome camera. One of my friends who is an amatuer photographer has a kodak 10 mega pixel camera that cost her three hundred something, and her pictures are always Awesome! not just because of her photography skills, but also her awesome Camera. Thats her flingaroundkeepinyourbagforrandomcameramoments camera, its not her photography picture time camera, that thing is a beasty photographer looking camera, that takes even awesomer pictures.

I've just been rambeling to pass my time. I was moving the pictures from the SD card to the computer so I could edit them, and as computers always do it was lying about taking 121 minutes to transfer. It didnt take that long, but it took long enough to ramble and read through me lesson muaha

I dont know if Lete was posing, we were having a break on our walk to the city haha

River City

Henry Watching over Brisbane (HEHE)

Spot the ME!

Outside a Pagoda on the River front

The Beautiful Brisbane River (I GaG)

They Build what they can on the river so they can use all the precious land for more imortant things, such as Casino(didnt get one of it, but i wanted to, its a pretty building, its to the right of the colourful buildings in the pictures of the city(Henry's one))

funny colours, there is a blue one to the left, but I couldnt stand on the road to take the picture with out getting Hit by a Car

City Side

Southbank side

I barely got home after this, I was SOOO tired, The children woke me up and I had a late night. Soon as I got in the door, I went to sit on mamma's bed(si front af sjonvarpid MAHAHAHA i stofan) and was watching the television with my eyes. Mamma was packing and asked me if there were anyclothes to pack to fillsome space, I said Yeah and she told me to go get them, I seh Ok. long moments later I havent moved and mamma is like anyone home, but there was no one home HAHA I went to sleep without noticing, then woke up only a few ten minutes later. My eyes are falling out and To Bed with Me Now! so fortunate to be afternoon church goers now muaha

I dont believe in Luck, and I know boys are durmas' HAHA q:
another day



meleofa said...

I love these pictures! well done. and I think the word you were looking for is SEASONED veterans? maybe? how brave you are to drive in such a large skyscraper filled city. and on the wrong side of the road, no less. hahahahahahaha. Looks like you had a blast. :D

Maliana said...

bahhah lete potato!

MiriamR said...

yeah that lete potato was funny. I am watching harry potter its bubba birthday today maybe I should blog