Monday, January 5, 2009

My Old BoneS

MY Achy aches are aching me again! my knees and ancles and legs are all aching! Whats the Point of Living if you can feel alivE~?~??

WEll NOw, I have some questions, One!!! number!

uhmm I am going to Cut my Hairs, Any Suggestions???? I was thinking Fringe to above my eyes, then cut the rest to just above my shoulders and layer it to somewhere near me earsss, then dye it the same colour as THE UGLY ONES muahahah just kidding, they not Ugly. It'll be SOOO FUN!!!!!! unbeliveably fun, I've not had Short hair since my childhood Days!

Ah, I remember it Well. It was all that time ago in the UTah, just before I moved to Iceland to live on my own,

Oh wait, that never Happened! So I was 10.... 11 ish , And mamma was cutting my hair and she told me that her aunt Cut Hair (or maybe she said MY aunt.. hmmmm one day I will clarify to myself, but not really, I'll just always remain in a wonder)

And that when we move to iceland she will have her cut my hair Real Short, (because I never brushed or cared for my hairs) Like a Boy, and I was like OOHHH NOOES (but really like COOOOL I'm GOING TO have SHOrt HAir! and kids are weird and think strange things are cool(or maybe I've just always been that way, The Weirdy, muaha(OR MAYBE I AM NEVER GROWN UP!!??!>?!!??))). But that Day (like so many) never Came, But I did have Quite short hairs when I got to Iceland. Anyways more to my point of this story, I Never did get that boy cut. I grew my hair out long and Didnt cut it Ever, again.


FOOOLED YOU, muahahaha I cut it all the time, but it always stayed long, usually passing my shoulders (thats long to ME!) but now its REALLY long, like halfway down my back, and I feel like NEW THINGS!! so a new haircut will be AWthome (as the toni poni would say)


SO I have this friend at work who is Korean, and she is here in australia on some sort of contract type thingy (its hard to have detailed technical conversations with a being of a different language that doesn't speak your language as superbly as... a lollipop.... or.. A ... nother human, Language barrier) And I was wondering where to how look for a Korean book store, BEcause When she goes back to Korea I am going to Give her a Korean Book Of Mormon and a Korean Twilight (thats what I want to get her anyways, my dream ideal forever awesome remember me forever present) But I.... Don't know very well to look for such things. OR does anyone know a Korean talker reader that would be able to find me something, cuz I know heaps o Koreans, but they all know each other as well, so they might Tell, and I want it to be a SUPERise! I can get a Korean BoM Easy, but its the twilight i am the seeking.... THE END



Maliana said...

lies and banter, remember when we left England you had that Korean soccer player haircut that was short :p

meleofa said...
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meleofa said...

hahaha. cut it all short around the ears. i did it and it was soooo liberating. but make sure you have someone cut it who knows what they are doing. and did you try googling where to find korean twilight? or check stephenie meyer's website to see if there is even a korean twilight out there. and you have three hands? hahahahaha. i know one hand is not yours, but it looks like she has three. hehehehe.