Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well Done Daniel! you are hereby exonerated of anything I ever did say. Your points are valid and very GOO, I respect your opinion on Twilight TOODLES and LoVE!

oh, did you like Eragon? or was that just something totaly random Miriam did there.

OH WAIT, You say you are a jacob man, because you are a Realist?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? What the?! At First I despised Jacob, because he wasn't Edward, but then I read New Moon and Eclipse a Second time and got over my No Edward, and I still didn't Like Jacob, he is a Sneaky Conniving Fellow, and I do not Appreciate such traits, and he was trying to steal someones lady, WHat THe??? He was Super Awesome, until he became a moody angry hate the world hate Everyone and all the Vampyro's and always angry and schizophrenic crazy. and werewolf shwerwolf Seth was a Werewolf, he didnt hate on them all the times. He was OK until THE UNDERHANDEDNESS, I hated bella though, she was an idiot that hurt every people cuz she was selfish

OK Enough of thatI am turning in Early today LALA!



P.S. Here's the Taylor Lautner video:


MiriamR said...

yay for that video clip. I don't mind Jacob because of the end, that is supposed to be why he was so crazy about bella it was her future not her,. He is going to be ripped!!!

Maliana said...

cheeeyAAA!!!! you know it! go jacob

MoBo said...

NO, HE WASNT MYSTERY FOR BELLLA(she was mystery for him though), he was "in love" with Bella like how that one sam, he was in love with that one, Leah, and then he still loves her but he caint fight the whatever.. But MAYBE they(SAm and Jacob) loved them(Leah and Bella) for the link to the Imprinteee, but YOU cant USE that! I thought of it and it is officialy off limits. I find that threory flawed, Jacob was a poopoo
The End

Maliana said...

you're a poopoo! whatevs mate

MoBo said...

Chik Pro

meleofa said...

i just watched the taylor lautner video and i have to say well done little lautner. Wowee. He is definitely going to be ripped! he already is!