Friday, January 9, 2009

Toilet Paper

UGH! Maliana You POO face, why cant you Live in MYsterY!?!?! mua ah ah

SO I cut my HARI TODAY! and by Hari, I mean Hair!!! It was super awesome cool times!!! its bob length and I have a strange MElanie Fringe, and by strange melanie fringe I mean my any fringe, where my hair goes Up and stucks out at the parting iregardless of how much I straight it, CURSES! but anywho, I'd show you a SUPER Awesome PICTURE! but my younger brother and sister inform me that my camera batteries are Die, I Wonder WHY!!?!?!?! i mean... AnyhoooAys. After I got my hair cut I drove to work with my hair and windows down, and my hair totaly didnt REtaRD! it was so awesome, AND LIBERATing! I could just flick it and it was super coool!

So at work we finished like nearly an hour early, and only the casuals are allowed to go home when we finish early, so I helped my two friend with their paperwork(They are both Q.A. officers HAHA) just to dodge being sent to another section. Once that was complete we went to the store room (the Usual awesome times hang out for slackers haha) and we went and hid behind these pallets so when everyone else got in trouble for being slackers we would too because we'd get caught because of the uncontrollable laughter hahaha. So we're between these pallets of toilet paper and Carton(box things) cardboards When this other lady comes to see what we are doing because all you can hear is laughter and slapping hahahhahah. She comes and Says "what are you guys doing? HeY You know you should build a little fort out of the toilet paper!" we all guffaw and laugh because thats silly, but then we get to work and start rearranging the toilet papers(they are in packs of like 72 rolls or something, wrapped in plastic) once we finish the Lady says "maybe we should have gotten in first hahaha" so we take down part of the wall then climb in and say come on in! but she says "I cant get i there! I wont fit!" and walks off, leaving us feeling like tools HAHAHAH but then we continue with our slapping games (we were practicing these korean hand slapping games that our korean friends taught us that we sucked at hahaha) and our other friend joins us, so the three of us sit in our toilet paper fort laughing and making slapping noises, but no one came over. Then mr boss man came in and the third joiner Screeches and Says " OH MY GOSH, MATTHEW JUST WALKED IN" and leaps into my other friends arms freaking out, me and my friend have to hold our faces to stop from bursting into laughter but try to sit silently so no one comes over. We then decide its time to get changed so we all walk as inconspicuosly as possible out from out hiding place and get some REAL strange glances from out leading hands HAHAHAHAH it was hilarious, we made some videos hahahahah well anywhos thats enough of that Chapter!




Maliana said...

wow that's the best thing i've ever read
we have a big store room in FK and a donkey load of toilet paper but there are too many people coming and going to do anything cool, i heard this legend though

there once was a boy, a lazy sort of boy who had gained gainful employment at the local Super Market collecting and cajoling shopping carts, trolleys, purchasement wagons and the little basket thingers. On a particularly fine summer's day when the Store was insufferably idle (for you see all the townsfolk were enjoying the sunshine and burning pieces of meat out of doors) this lazy boy decided that the mountainous mound of toilet paper and paper towels was just too tempting, and decided that no one would miss him if he curled up on the cushiony softness and took a short nap. He awoke with a start to find his Supervisor towering over him in rage and sultification, "we must burn him at the stake for thus sullying our paper of the loo and wasting precious minimum wages!" and so the Lazy Boy paid highly for his forty winks, and to this day when someone is removed from their particular line of work it is called to be "fired"

meleofa said...

that is the awesomest of awesome stories, on both your part, melanie, and your part, maliana. thank you thank you.