Friday, January 9, 2009


Oh my golly, I started reading Eragon last week some time and JEEZALOU! I still havent finished it! man, that book is so hard for me to read! I dont like how it is written, excellent story but not well done. It bugged me so bad how annoying i found his style, then I read on the back cover that Christopher Paolini first dreamt up Eragon when he graduated from high school (..hmm missed that part hahahaha) at 15 and is now TWENTY???? the publisher should have waited a few more years so he could create a more substantial world and more fluid writing, The story seems so Hole-y, And it wont be cleared up later, but even if it is, the holes were NOT WELL PLACED. Then there is the language used, by the naration as well as the characters. I think its a bit confused, or muddled, It doesnt suit my OCD thoughts. I guess I'm annoyed because I think it could have been a super cool wrist band, but it wasnt; it had SUPER DUPER potential, LotR potential, but then it didnt (guess it didnt since this is how it turned out) hats off to your imagination sir, but not to your writing. Maybe it gets better as the books progress? we Shall (maybe if I can finish them all HAHA) see



Maliana said...

me too!! i thought the idea was fantastic but couldn't get on with the writing style so i quit after the first one matti loves them he's read them a few times maybe they're better in Icelandic?

MiriamR said...

Daniel thinks the same thing but about the twilight sagas. Great storyline and ideas but bad writing what do you think?

meleofa said...

i lurvy lurvy lurved eragon, and then eldest and then brisingr. and i am sure i will love the next one.i own them all