Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Because I'm Awesome, Doesnt Mean You Can SUCk

Muahaha Ruby Red OceanSpray Grapefruit juice is Actually Quite Tasty as you drink it down, but once you stop you go BLERGHAAAAH MY SOooooUL!

woohoo its Australia day on monday (because Australia is still dependant, and in fact, not free, they do not have an Independence day like other Awesome countries such as Iceland or Amerika, so they do like Canada(fellow commonwealth dependant) and have a day in the Year that they celebrate their existence rather than their freedom) and so I have a long weekend, meaning Friday and Monday off, So on Saturday I am going to be flying down to Melbourne with my Familys! they we are going to go to robinvale and get our old stuff that we left here last time we were down these ways. COOL HUH?!?!?

tomorrow though I am going to go to IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!! with Lete and Henry too look at it and see if we can find a drum kit set holderbag/suitcase/box, and I think I might just go see a movie. Later though, for Dinner, I am going to meet with some friends from work and we are all going to go and eat Korean Food with the Koreans from Work! its going to be so exciting, they are going to order our food for us, and its all going to be spicy HAHA they so funny. But then After that I am going to go pick Lete and Henry up from their dance because they are cry babies and wanted me to cancel my Korean eating with my friends to take them, they poopoos. hehe Its going to be super awesome! ANYhooos

Dear Family,
I really hope that, since we will all be in the northern/western hemisphere soonish/this year some time, That we are all planning on being in the same place for Christmas time(or Sumsing) so that we can have fun in the snow for the first time in a Very long time with the lovely dovelys that are my family. It will be so Fun! I know its a bit late to be booking Christmas time, BUT PLEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEE!!! Let me know when you know! muaha LAters ~!


p.s. new president ey? exciting business


meleofa said...

we are having a henele and hera toutai kids and grandkids reunion in the fall. miriam and daniel said sept or august, but no date for sure yet. i should probably check my calendarino, but jess, i am so chealous that you guys are going to robinvale. maybe someday i too will return. make sure you guys take lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures. luv yous.

Maliana said...

yay i'm going to the reunion thing in the fall and i reckon i'll go to mum and dads for christmas :P fun!! oh and you should for sure go to a music store in the city and ask them about drum containers, that's what i reckon anyway. yay for new presidents but not yay for Iceland these past few days i'm gonna need to blog about that mess.