Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And then this old guy, Right?

HElloHello my Little blogspot. How are things????? HAHA I ask a website how it is going blahaha how silly. Well it is nealry 2.15 am in the morning, and i got home a few ticks ago, ok maybe a while ago and i was just being an internet nerd. Anywho, I was gonna shower and sleep because I need both, but found the blogspot and COULDNT HELP MYSELF, now that I am here typing, with all the funny little retard events of the day fresh in my head, haha, I feel the need, strike that -Want, to continue. and so i shall

Last night I got home at some time and went straight to bed, in my clothes and everything, well I went to my room and laid down for a few ticks (and as the story goes i fell asleep, but let me continue). I started to text JayJay to say thanks and goodnight and hope he didnt die on the way home (cuz its late and dark and tired). I didnt think i was tired but next thing I know im waking up and its 4 in the morning and i didnt finish the text message, I laugh at my face and finish it then send it hahahah insane, i know, but that just how i Rolll (ok I just nearly got completley derailed by looking for a thats just how i roll picture, so I dont think ill do that anymore.. HAHA(OK so I just got derailed by music, I'll stop that now too.. HAHAHA)) so where was i.... ah yes. Moments later I wake up at 10 to my phone alarm, moment by aiden haha I let that snooze itself(much to lete's annoyance muahahaha) like Four times, actualy five, and on the fifth time I hear a knock at the door and hear Sister Woods Voice(my driving lesson instructer person) I fall off my bed (sem er i alvoruni bara sofi BAHAHA poor momo) luckily I fell asleep in my clothes so I jump up and put some shoes on and walk out the door HAHAHA only remembering its ekka holiday cuz lete gets up same time i do, so the bums are home mehe.

After a terrible driving lesson cuz I was disturbingly tired for a very mysterious reason that will never be known irregardless of how much people pay to research the reason for ... my odd sleepy.

So when I get home I'm thinking henry the fofo didnt even run this morning; as I was contemplating raising the topic of henry not running and that, just because he didnt have seminary doesnt mean he can not run(put a long pause between the can and not) HE says "Dawg didnt even run this morning (something like henry talk, I cant quite remember)!" and I exclaim You didnt even Wake Me! and he replys I tried and you wouldnt wake up. So I stop and think HOLY CRAP I DONT ReMEMBER, thats never happened to me before, someone trying to wake me and failing, (if you've "failed" it means I was pretending not to be awake) I always remember my wakings, I was completley mind blown.

And thats the end of that story, After the mind blowing my memory is shot- So dont ask anymore HAHAHAH jsut kidding, ask all you like I care not

In the four AM txt I said somehting like hope you got home safe ... more words cuz I am long lettered hahaha... and can I have a hug tomorrow. he didnt mention anything about it all day and just as I was about to get out of the car, (cuz he drives me home cuz he's nice, believe me people he isnt double agenda'd or minded or whatever the word is, I so Wish he was HAHA CHOKES eY! but really.. UH Anyways, HAHA) he says Didnt you want a Hug, and I go Aww Yes! so I get a hug and walk to the door chuffed as a dude playing his lost air maracas that he just found

thats all I really wanted to say ha ha ha is funnyoso you should add the star signs just for fun Maliana and MeleOfa, on that pretend quiz your making, but really you just wanted to know all my secrets so that you could kill me and take over my life cuz its so amazing

tooloo I go to shower sleep and then hopefully wake up on time to go to work darn it!



MiriamR said...

That is funny. Im always tired now too. Your pictres are so random! They made me burst out laughing especially when you said you got distracting finding hte picture because it took you so long!! ha ha ha ha ha ha. The Darn picture was really good though. I think you are now tied with Maliana. One more and you are winning. Your life is AMAZING. I still think its great that you guys run, wait have you yet?

Maliana said...

hahah henry was lying to you foo! he didn't try to wake you up, he just said that so he can still get his whatever guitar or something hahahahha