Friday, August 22, 2008

shad up Ey

HAHAHA I was sick on wednesday from work, then thursday I went to work and felt worse, and nearly went home cuz i felt so terrible, but didnt cuz there were heaps of people off anyways and the work was easy. But I went straight to sleep when i got home that was not fun and when i woke up i just went back to sleep and grumbled as mum asked questions. And so I went to the doctors because I was hocking up blood ey? haha so the doctor says I have a viral infection, flluuu; hehehe what a sucka weakling; hehehaha. and now (BASTARD! this mouse is so sensitive) its 8.30 am saturday, and i've been watching ugly betty all night, chatting with some homies and esses (LOLERSkates) since about... 11 pm, hahaha I just wanted to know what it was that everyone was meaning when they said UgLY beTTy!!! after a few moments of looking at me and trying to figure out who i remind them of. So I'm like SCrreW You BaSTARsDS@!! At first I thought betty was coo, but then the show progresed and she a dumb face, they all silly. I think my favourite is the scot, and the little boy. Well now, I am going to concentrate on something or other.... .... BYo

im tired hehehe


p.s. HAHAHA at the Boylesque HAAHHA and Henry is my favourite character, Henry and the scot, and thats why i hate .. I mean dont like Betty HahaHa poor Super Accountant, I'd love a nerdikins like himm!!!


MiriamR said...

dude you are only in the first season. is scot wilameana's assistant? He is my favourite, daniels too.

Maliana said...

holy cow buckets!! it's like a dream come true right? there actually IS something wrong with you, and it's not just in your head :D viral infection ey? gro-dee :D Feel Better!! Áfram Ísland!!!!

MoBo said...

NOOO, Markus is wilhemeanas assistant FLIP CLIFF hANGER! and I know right?? hahahabut now i an coughing, i still dont look sick though, so i talk alot so people can hear i am sick hahaha :p