Sunday, August 10, 2008

eeeee ooooooo eeeegh ooooo eeee

thats Right, me feigning DEATH, by MALIANA, So yeah, ims a ... TERRIBLY not well, I wonder if i shoulod shock my mommy with things i would never tell her, nothing BAD, just... uhm, oh things im , dunno, things i would like her to know but cant tell her for some reason or other..- WEll thats enough of that train of thought.

So, I'm reading this book called Wild Swan by Jung Chang, its a book about her grandmother, mother, and self, which takes you through the recentish history of china, from kuomintang days to the present commi ones, concubines and foot binding traditions and commi brainwashing, its Quite fascinating and revolting and shocking and insane. Another book I started to read was the boy called it, i got about half way though the book and didnt want it anymore, I feel no need to read about the disgusting acts of human beings, I know the world is a bad place so im not going to finish it.

would you like to know a secret???? if i tell you, you cant tell anyone, its a very sad thing, and cant really be helped, well maybe it could, and now your all (if anyone at all reads this mehe) thinking the worst things ever, well your WRONG haha poo heads, anyways maybe next time hm? hahaha :P


p.s. Maliana your kablowy was a not vere goo, HAHA how do you do your magical picture clicking?? ITS SO MAGICAL, and where do you get you pictures? mehehemahahaha

p.p.a. hahah i mean s.

I'm a floundering, Dont Leave me! stttaaaaayyy wiiiithhhh meeee cigarettes and open air hand in hand so i say Sttaaaaaayyy wiiiithhhh meeee,
but we dont smoke hahahahahah :( blahahaha

ppps oopsie daisy's! I didnt know the posts were supposed to be awesome.. HAHAH I will lose than, NO! I will make it better, SALApu Miriam!!! hahahaha shhhshshhshhshhshshhsh ala lala la


Maliana said...

aah yes i coulnd't decide at first if your headline was an ambulence sound or a donkey, now i see it's a "the funniest thing ever on tom and jerry" "EEEAAARRRRG AAAAAA OOOOOOOwwwwww.... ouch!" by the way you should join the not very secret group of sado-s who read Twilight, it's extremely addictive and i can't make up my mind if i like it or not, but yes you should read them, me and meleofa have, they are twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn i think. i reckon lete would like em too and henry. the author is mormon. don't worry i know your secret, you figured out how to make mudcake grow on trees and are sending me the first harvest. but really what is it i didn't think it was anything terrible, but i kinda wish it had something to do with me-getting-cake

magical links are made by the magical link button, the pictures are on the internet.

I'll Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaay wiiiiiiiith youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! i lurv that song

i think your posts are awesome! :D

MiriamR said...

Your posts are awsome!! Wait is that book called Wild Swan or Wild Swans? with an s? Because I have been trying to read that book for years now. I took alot of great classes from this Chinese history Professor at BYU and he had that book on all his other book lists but never my classes but he said its a MUST read to understand Chinese history. I own the book at Meleofas house but I haven't gotten through it and I don't have it with me. Im sad now but that is so cool that you are reading it! I tried to buy those Twighlight books but they are sold out in the stores here (all of them!) sucky I know. Anwyays enough of my random bablings.