Monday, August 25, 2008

people say drop it, but if i do what will i hold onto?

So its the middle of the morning and i Am awake, Oh well. All night i have been looking at places To rent, and what not, and its like real bother. So many places and all that jazz, But there are heaps of places that only allow students, this is usualy shared accomodations, but who cares? It makes me want to study again, but not uni, that would cost to much and be abit useless doing it here, I miss learning. HAHa at maliana silly face. I am not dying (at least, thats what tehy tell me! they could be LYING!) just had a something or other, And I was spitting blood the other day! it was real cool, but didnt tell the doctor that, cuz it was nothing. So I'm not dying and im going to work tomorrow to infect the populations of australia(queensland at least) with my illness, those with weaker amunne systems will die, but thats the price you pay with having a week ammune system and living in society. Tara for now... I cant remember what I was gonna say Phoondogs


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