Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cute, in a grubby little gremlin kind of way

So I have won the duel with great slaughter, But I feel no Triumph in my victory. My challenge was not meant for winning but to trick malianamofo into blogging regularly, because I thought her will to obliterate me would overpower her lazy.. or "busy" as she says, and so I have failed and it is no victory at all.

So Anyways, I've always wondered why people always want to travel the world. I think it would be a cool thing to do, but its not like a life goal of mine; and people always want to go to GAY aS Places like North America or Europe, or Australia, its like Whata Fuzz why dont you aspire to something awesome like Asia or south america, places with culture and history; Don't even try and tell me that white people have culture, ahah Ok I am being a silly racist, they do have culture, I just find it so bland and boring, ok so i am being racist again, I just despise the white culture type deals, how they conquered the world and tried to eradicate all but their own, well thats probably what all groups of people do/did but all i see (which isnt much and is very silly of me to base my harsh opinions on, but thats a racist for you) is what the white ones done, hmm anyways its late and im tired so im off to bed to sleep, crap i hate sleeping late


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MiriamR said...

yeah I agree with the Maliana thing, I thought it would get her to blog! Did you know Alexander the Great conquered most of Europe and Russia and Parts of Africa for 1000 years, well he didn't live that long but his conquering lasted that long (but he let the people do what they wanted thats why it lasted so long) ANyways I was just saying that because the brits have only really kept power and not even anymore for not very long. I agree with the gay places. We came here because I want to see China. I want to go there for a bit and visit. ANyways peace out