Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, I'm like, on the bus right?

OH CRAP, I am in a free time moment where I have nothing to do, So I decided to come and write a blogspot entry, and I had all these interesting things that I was thinking about yesterday, last night, just a few seconds ago before I started typing, today, and its all just blithereyd away so... this is kinda..... uh.... OH WAIT, I'll recount the events of yesterday, some of them anyways.

Yesterday while I was on my way to work I got a text message, and that text message was from Henry. HE text me asking if id get him a Guitar (an electric one) and i asked why, whats he gone do for it, and he replied that he would run with me everyday for the rest of this year after seminary. I said OK, cuz my lazy bum siblings never want to do things like that with me. I myself did not have faith in my little bro, cuz he a bum hahahahah but then this morning just after seven (I got home from work at about... 3 ish? HAHA) henry comes into my room where lete is already being loud and getting stuff and words thrown at her, and starts saying COMe on Melanie LEts Get Ta Runnin! and I wrap the blanket around me some more cuz its really cold in the house, especialy my room, and say no I sleep. hahahaha! after a few more failed attempts to get me out of bed, Henry says oh whats this a message on your phone?? and Im like NO you liar, and then he says, oh its from Who? JayJay?? and I'm like You Lie! but he insists and says here I'll read it to you, by this time im quite awake and realise they wont leave me alone, so I start to get up and henry and lete both laugh at me cuz they think thats why I got up, but just to make sure I check my phone hahahahah and it was a lie! am I so SeeThrough???????????? thats why i sorta was unsure if it was a lie or not, cuz why would henry say JayJay? I must be transparent......... .. .. .. . . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. .; . .. . .; ;' '/ /;.. ,, l ;' /

Anyways time is getting on, and I always miss my busses, luckily JayJay picks me up on those days HAHAHAHAHA cuz He's nice, and silly, and odd, and CONFUSING and agrovation argh... hahaha linked hahahaha anywho, I'll write a blog about JayJay some other time... Maybe... hahah oh yeah, mamma doesnt know about the buss missing and jayjay Picking, But I dont Ask! he Asks! so im like Shweet! dont get any twisted ideas people, He is completely not like that, I'm the one thats like that HAHAHAHA nah, sall good, we friends, understand blablabla grr (mehehe)

BAR! makes 1 atmosphere on anything it rests on, CRAP I MISSED MY FIRST BUS! ><
Dumb JayJay! makes me miss my bus! hahahahah im just kidding jayjay, if you ever have the misfortune of finding this blog HAHAHA



MiriamR said...

wait so did you go running. You were telling a great story and then stopped telling it. That is cool if Henry goes running with you. Who is Jay jay and so do you and Henry go running now?

Maliana said...

what?? i agree with miriam what ever happened to the story, the one with the jogging, but then i was confused by the BAR! thing too, 1 atmosphere? anyway good times but yeah i think henry should get his own dang guitar and then have to sell it for his mission :)