Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, this blog is going to be my confusion at Guys, I hate guys, they Suck so much, it hurts

Maybe this is just the ranting crazies of a woman scorned, as they say, but I dont think i have ever been fully, full on scorned, just crazies in my head, so yeah crazies in my head. Anywho I shall begin

Guys are so confusing to me. My esperians not very much or good, but im like whatever.

So I am harrassed all the time by guys, Either them or their friends or my friends that they talk to. I hear all the time that this one that one or the other one likes me or thinks im cute or hot or pretty or blablabla, you get me? Over and over I am told so that it gets old and i no longer care or believe (I never believe people when they say stuff like that anyways because I have low self esteem and inferiority complexes galore) them.

Because of this lack of comunicating with me, I figure these guys are all jsut a bunch of jerks who are just teasing me, which is very not nice. i guess thats all I really wanted to say... whats wrong with me? why arent I good enough? in total this has happened to me four times in the past year, true one was me not really interested, okay two, but still! and its not that these guys are jerk faces who should die, (ok maybe two of them are, ok three, but number four is really nice and wonderful, thats what makes me so miserable) either, well im bored, tired and over this, gats ta gets some sleep, nightyo


lol i get so bored with these blogs q:

today was mummys birthday, so i bought her a printer (i think) and tomorrow will get her a harddrive(i think) and because mummy is so nice and caring and not selfish she bought some cake and yummy'ss for her booger face dependants, because she doesnt eat that junk! poor mummy, living with a bunch o selfish bumheads

this dude is funny and i only link it so i can find it again, cuz i sleepy times now nightnight


MiriamR said...

I found that exact knife set at this one store bukoos. Red and everything. Daniel said it was probably for exwives enjoyment. It was only like 15 dollars but too creepy for me to buy, plus red doesn't match my kitchen and who knows if those knifes are any good. Don't worry about these guys. Especially not if they aren't LDS. Then it happens for a reason, you are perhaps not supposed to be with them and they probably are losers and you just don't see it because you like them. That happened all the time, I liked a guy so much and thought he was close to perfect but then after I stopped liking him I realised what a loser he was and I must have had bad taste at the time

Maliana said...

hahah i can second that miriam!! they will pretty much all be losers, until the one who isn't. liking someone makes you blind (and deaf snd stupid as someone once said) so yeah i would say don't worry about the whole guy thing just yet you're still young and should be having fun, heck i'm still young!!