Sunday, August 24, 2008

Apikotturin thin

im still sick but im getting better. I hate doctors, they make me feel dumb, because im all hypochondriac styles I never go to the doctor, cuz im afraid its just in my head; on those very few occasions i do go to the doctor, the doctor asks me questions and i flownder and cant remember whats wrong or why im there, so then i feel like the doctor thinks ima retard and gget nervous, and in the end the doctor says you've only got this that or the other, not sure how but this might help, or you dont need anything but take some painkillers if you really want to. So I'm never really sick, and nothing is ever wrong, so i dont think a trip to the doctors is ever necessary.. HaHaHa! i just looked up the word hypochondria, and here is the definition:

extreme depression of mind or spirits often centered on imaginary physical ailments

hahaha people dont feel special so they make out that they are ill to get attention, Thats Me!!! but when i am actualy sick i dont like people to care, i prefer that they leave me be to run and jump and exude the fictitious energy i need to burn, being sick means staying home means free time means pretend energy means cant sit still means gotta runa round the house or clean like a nutter; its like Caffiene, i just run myself down more on the pretend enrgy i dont really have and get sicker, never getting better till i die! i mean cant move anymore and so must rest hehe uh oh!

so i just did an all nighter friday to sat watching ugly betty, i love that show, but i hate betty,
Shes so Normal and whingy! I love Henry and mark and christina and .......... the other secretary, shes so crazeh odd. well im getting tired and my throat feels funny, so ima go to seomethng now Toodles!



Maliana said...

but it's not like you could die or anything right? i was telling like everyone at church today that you were virally infected and coughing up blood cuz i thought it was kinda cool, but then they were all like "but is it serious" and "will she be okay" so they got me freaking worried!

Maliana said...

oh and i didn't know you knew that word i didn't even know that word it means ape cat or monkey cat

MiriamR said...

Dude Bacterial infections are worse. Viral are the "good" kind that don't attack your brain. The viral sort of can be treated but not really bacterial attack your brain.