Sunday, August 17, 2008

hahaha henry is funny, he kept wanting pictures taken of himself so i decided to record him waiting for apicture to be taken, the poser

and this is lete skipping, she failed, a few times and i got bored of the failing hahahaha

i did some skipping too, and henry, but i was too cool for uploading HAHA I was just a bit bored on a sunday, wanting to go for a walk but no one would accompany me... I'm sad again. I am not happy



Maliana said...

bahahha henry is funny i miss henry and i miss you, you should plan to come visit me next summer with henry.

i miss crazy dumb waiting for the train/bus/airplane/dad adventures

MiriamR said...

thats pretty funny. Looks like henrys on a photo shoot. ha ha ha

MiriamR said...

Hey dad said I am supposed to write you, Henry and then Lete a letter. Hmmmm. anyways what are your emails so I can. It will probably just be a mass email for each of you. Dad's funny sometimes. Anyways let me know through my email, myspace or facebook. K peace out. ha ha ha that made me laugh