Thursday, August 14, 2008

flashing -lights

I dislike Kanye West Right? but I love this song of his, flashing lights, messed up video but interesting song, i think it might just be the orchestra noise i like, but oh well.

OH CRAP, I have to finish Wild Swans by tomorrow and I still have HEAPS to finish! or maybe i can read it this weekend.. Crapcrapcrap, everything sucks, ugh, i hate my life, everything sucks all the time, Poop. have to do m y tax, have to do my stupid lesson, i hate everything, all the time, alll the time but really im probably just a bit sick (look at the picture and see if you can Guess Waht kind of Sick bahahaha :P) DIE YOU! haha funny picture diee.... cry

hahhaha chattin wid da loostar, She make me feel better hahahah I go shopping! poke tongue


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MiriamR said...

are you reading wild swans for school? Nothing like the good old retail therapy. You are beating maliana in the battle. someone should tell her. Oh I will do it.